Introducing The 20-Day Challenge: Flowers vs. Plants – What's the best gift for Valentine's Day?

When you think about Valentine’s Day, you probably conjure up an image of a beautiful bouquet right? Us too! We’re wild about bringing nature in all forms into homes and offices, and flowers are absolutely a part of that. But we also like things that last a long time, and we don’t like to see things die. So what if I told you there was an alternative to gifting flowers for your loved one? One that they can appreciate both now and later.

Today, we are introducing our 20-day challenge: Flowers vs. Plants.

With this challenge, we are going to show that for the same price (or lower) as a premium bouquet from an established flower delivery service, you can get a beautiful longer-lasting and elegant plant.

To test this out we decided to order flowers from The Bouqs – they have a solid selection of bouquets organized by occasion. Since we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day, we ordered the “Deluxe Romantic” bouquet for $75.

To challenge the Deluxe Romantic, we choose our very own “Zanzibar Gem” with the Venus Copper pot for $59 (and free shipping). This is a beautiful and very resilient plant, with long elegant stems and leaves that form feather-like shapes. Some say the Zanzibar is eternal… just like your love!

So for 20 days, we are going to take a picture every day of both the bouquet and the plant and post a side-by-side comparison on our Instagram for you to judge.

As for the flowers, here is what we received from The Bouqs:

bouqs_collage_small (2).jpg


After few minutes of setup, we had a pretty nice bouquet. Although, you can see that what was advertised on the site was not really what we received (product picture on the left, and on the right is what we received - minus the vase):



The challenge is starting today and you can already see the first day on our Instagram page

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