The best creative Valentine's day ideas in 2017

It’s hard to find a good Valentine’s Day gift that is creative, interesting, useful and affordable. Some of our ideas for gifts are below, so skip the roses and get something they’ll truly enjoy. All these gifts should work well for both men and women.

A unique reusable glass bottle shaped like a sheet of paper.

The Zanzibar Gem
An elegant and low maintenance plant, custom potted, and delivered for free with an optional box of chocolates.

Gemini Espresso Maker
Keep flavor and temperature intact from stovetop to cup with this exceptional espresso maker. Brew on your stovetop and the Gemini delivers two perfect cups simultaneously.

Diaries Made From Books
Charming upcycled diaries made using pages from old children’s books.

Love Poems Set
Let the experts express you love with this set of five anthologies of the best love poems ever written.

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