Liven Up Your V-Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday notorious for its mixed emotions. You either love it - or you love to hate it (and that feeling is rarely the same from one year to the next). Some years, we're overcome by flowers and sweets, and others, we're reminded that we’re single and alone. Regardless of your relationship status, don't let your expectations of what Valentine's Day should be get the best of you. This is the year to switch things up, take control, and plan the day YOU want regardless of who's around you! 

We’ve compiled a few suggestions of things to do - whether you’re in a relationship, hanging out alone, or choosing to jump on the “Galentine’s Day” bandwagon. One (if not many) of these activities may be just what you need this February.

1. Treat yourself

Indulge in your favorite..

  • Cocktail

  • Spa treatment

  • Dessert

  • Movie

  • ETC

And don’t pick just one! After all, this day is supposed to be all about the things we love right? So show yourself some love and get pampered.

Top photo by  Sarah Gray , bottom photo by  Autri Taheri , and right photo by  Brigitte Tohm

Top photo by Sarah Gray, bottom photo by Autri Taheri, and right photo by Brigitte Tohm

2. Get crafty

Become insta-famous for your DIY abilities. Here’s a list of (relatively cheap) options to boost your creativity:

  • Shamelessly splurge on items you would NEVER normally buy and make milkshakes with all the fixins - don’t hold back!

  • Revamp your home’s interior and enhance its overall vibe with fresh florals, a new print, or some trimmed greens

  • Paint a picture - hit your local dollar store for crafty supplies and use food, friends, or a pet as your muse (in the spirit of self-love, you could also channel your inner Van Gogh and try a self-portrait)

Whatever you do, post about the process and make everyone on your insta-feed jealous of your newly developed artsy side.

Left photo by  Carly Heitlinger , middle photo  The Fashion Medley , right photo  Grow Creative

Left photo by Carly Heitlinger, middle photo The Fashion Medley, right photo Grow Creative

3. Be bold

Whether on a date or out with friends, do something you’ve always been too afraid to do!

  • Get a piercing

  • Bake/cook something way too complicated (and then have UberEats/your local pizza guy queued up just in case)

  • Dye your hair a vibrant color (semi-permanent, obviously)

  • Plan a trip and learn to surf, scuba dive, or perfect your tree pose on a yoga retreat

We create the life we live, so have some fun!

Left photo by  Joey Pilgrim  and right photo by  @gonecoastal

Left photo by Joey Pilgrim and right photo by @gonecoastal

4. Vibe with nature

Take a walk outside! Nature can make you feel amazing. While outdoors you can:

  • Take-in copious amounts of fresh air

  • Get your feet wet at the beach

  • People-watch in the city

  • Explore a neighborhood or park you’ve never visited

This is a fun activity to enjoy with a friend, loved one, pet, or your favorite podcast/playlist!

In the spirit of *full disclosure*, this is by far the healthiest of our suggestions. Too lazy to venture outdoors? Bring nature to you by getting a(nother) houseplant - after all, plants don’t judge.

Freshen-up the air in your space with an air-purifying plant, or choose a statement piece and achieve that jungle-feel! Best part is, you can enjoy either (or both) from the comfort of your couch.

Left  Cascading Pothos  by Léon & George, right  Pink Rubber Tree  by Léon & George

Left Cascading Pothos by Léon & George, right Pink Rubber Tree by Léon & George

5. Spread love

Perhaps gifting is the right play for you this Valentine’s Day. It’s likely to make you feel good and let’s be honest, it’ll build good karma. Use this holiday as an opportunity to gift something special to a loved one, friend, family member, co-worker etc! Brighten someone else’s day and feel the residual effects. We suggest giving something they can care for - like some of our gorgeous greens perhaps. Small tabletops are a great starter plant, and if making decisions is a nightmare for you then consider a gift card!

Left  Zanzibar Tabletop  by Léon & George,right  Gift Card  by Léon & George

Left Zanzibar Tabletop by Léon & George,right Gift Card by Léon & George

Last but certainly not least - if all else fails and NONE of these suggestions apply to you or your interests... fear not! There are always ample crime documentaries to binge watch on Netflix.