A step-by-step guide to pruning your houseplants


The latest in plant care tips for keeping your foliage happy and healthy, brought to you by premium plant delivery service Léon & George.

Is your houseplant looking a bit wild? Pruning will help with reshaping your plant to a desired look, controlling overgrowth, and encouraging balanced growth. Here are a few tips to help you cut with confidence and success. 

  1. Take a step back, look at the overall shape of your plant & identify which areas to cut back (areas where the branches are leggy, too full, touching the ceiling or wall)

  2. Never take off more than 20% at a time as your plant might freak out. 

  3. Make sure your cutting tool is clean - you're basically creating an open wound, you don't want any harmful bacteria to sneak in. 

  4. Identify where the node is, spots where a leaf or branch is coming out from, and make the cut just above that.

  5. Cut at a 45 degree angle

  6. Be careful for unopened buds! Look carefully and don't slice where a new leaf is forming. 

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