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Photo cred:  Patina Studios

Photo cred: Patina Studios

Since expanding last fall, we've found that capturing the pulse of LA and simplifying it down to just a few adjectives is an impossible job (which is also what makes it magical). Los Angeles is a classic place with a wild side that is iconic for being both timeless and trendy all in one. 

At Léon & George, we love keeping up with and getting ahead of interior styles –– especially styles that truly encapsulate the essence of California! As we had into spring, we felt it fitting to capture everything that inspires ‘Lush Living’ –– a SoCal-infused style concept that runs parallel to the interior trends of 2018. Here are our own tips for creating this ornately lavish look in your space!




Somewhere between boho and mid-century, Lush Living brings outdoor LA vibes in! Using the paradise feels of Rodeo Drive and Venice Beach as its muse, this lush look can be accomplished by mixing a gorgeous palette of contrast colors, textures, and living elements. Extracting pale pinks from LA's cotton candy skies and the stark, saturated greens from its overarching palm trees, lush living is not only stylish, it’s punchy and impactful. Best part is, it’s easy to emulate as any blush + botanical pairings in a concentrated space can truly establish this flair!

How to do it

Photo cred: Léon & George,  Large Zanzibar Gem

Photo cred: Léon & George, Large Zanzibar Gem

Texture plays a massive role in creating this look. When choosing fabrics and furniture, consider velvet or velour. That’s right, think 90s revival –– it may seem bold, but it’s also extremely classy. Mid-century furniture is another great go-to in this case. The simple lines, stark edges, and acorn wood coloring will round out any room in a timeless manner!


Like most styles, color is extremely important. It’s very 2018 to use a rich green and pale pink palette as your inspiration so, along with texture, be sure to incorporate these colors where you can. Start by adding accent items like pillows, rugs, throws, or coffee table reads.

Photo cred: Léon & George,  Elephant's Ear

Photo cred: Léon & George, Elephant's Ear

Even further, the best way to accomplish deep, rich, textured greens in your space is by adding beautiful botanicals. No matter what plants you choose as your statement pieces, ALL of them will help accomplish this look quite seamlessly. For example, you can go leafy with a Bird of Paradise, Elephant's Ear, and a Jr. Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush to create those jungle-like feels.

Or choose to pull more of that boho through with a Desert Cactus, Snake Plant, or Zanzibar Gem. The natural greens that indoor plants provide are a vital element of lush living. Don’t be afraid to go overboard either! After all, there is no such thing as too many plants :)

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