Plant Care Tip #3: Lighten Up!

Photo by  Léon & George

The latest in plant care tips for keeping your foliage happy and healthy, brought to you by premium plant delivery service Léon & George.

Good news! It’s daylight savings time, which means we and our plant friends will benefit from longer days (and more afternoon light). 

Here are a few tips for balancing the light needs of your indoor plants:


Placement - Indirect bright light is best, so keep your plants in a bright room. Avoid extended periods of direct sunlight as this may burn their leaves.

Rotation - Rotate your plants monthly for even light distribution and growth.

Dusting - Wipe the leaves clean every 2-3 weeks so they can fully absorb light energy.

Every plant has their own light preferences. If you need help better understanding the plants you have and the amount of light they need, our 24/7 plant doctors can help. Email us anytime