Plant Care Tip #17: Summer Plant Diet - Liquid Fertilizer vs. Slow Release

Pink Rubber Tree sprouting a new stem, photo credit:

Pink Rubber Tree sprouting a new stem, photo credit:

The latest in plant care tips for keeping your foliage happy and healthy, brought to you by premium plant delivery service Léon & George.

Indoor plants are in active growth mode during spring and summer months, a great time to give them extra nourishment. Since well-fed houseplants will reward you with lovely new growth, here are two common feeding options for your indoor plants:

Liquid Fertilizer
A water soluble fertilizer that you add directly to your watering can every 2 weeks. Any brand will do, just follow label instructions closely for proper measurements. Overdoing it can scorch the plant’s leaves.


  • gives you more precise control over the amount of nutrients your plants are getting

  • allows you to see results faster, observe how your plants are reacting, and adjust future feedings (amount & length of time in between) accordingly

Slow Release
At the beginning of summer (so anytime now) add slow release fertilizer directly to your plants’ soil. Any brand will do, but follow label instructions closely.


  • you'll only have to feed your plants once during this growth season as these fertilizers release a small amount of nutrients into the soil intermittently over 2-3 months

  • if vacationing is on your summer agenda, you can leave knowing your plants have the food they need to flourish in your absence

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