The Best Plants for Your Bathroom

The  Phiolodendron Brasil  is a humid-loving plant great for bathrooms.

The Phiolodendron Brasil is a humid-loving plant great for bathrooms.

Looking for the perfect houseplant for your bathroom?

Thanks to the moisture-rich environment, the bathroom is a great place for many indoor plants. That said, not all plants enjoy the extra humidity (think succulents or cacti!) and some may even develop fungus issues if left there too long. What’s more, some bathrooms have small or no windows, making it difficult for light-loving plants to survive. With all this in mind, find our picks for the best plants for any type of bathroom.

The Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a plant that loves moisture. In fact, if it is not watered regularly or is left too long with dry soil, it will let you know by dramatically drooping its foliage, making it the perfect plant for humid bathrooms. That said, this plant is best for spaces with a decent amount of light.

The Parlor Palm

Indoor palms love shady, humid conditions, and they are the perfect plant for bathrooms with medium light. Parlor Palms in particular are a nice size for small to medium-sized bathrooms (though if you have the space, go for a big Kentia Palm!).

The Cascading Pothos

Easiest plant in the world? Possibly. The Cascading Pothos (or any Pothos or Devil’s Ivy variety) is a thirsty plant that will flourish even in a space with little to no light.

The Staghorn Fern

Ferns make great plants for bathrooms as they love humid, shady environments. The Staghorn Fern with its unique, fuzzy foliage and its delicate shape is a fantastic addition to any space.

The Cast Iron Plant

The Cast Iron plant gets its name from its extreme hardiness. In fact, these plants love dark, draft corners and will thrive in a low-light bathroom with frequent temperature fluctuations.

The Bird of Paradise

Have a big bathroom that you’d like to transform into a jungle? The Bird of Paradise requires medium to bright light, lots of moisture, and plenty of space to spread out.


Philodendron Brasil

An easy care plant perfect for beginners, the Philodendron Brasil is named after its colorful foliage resembling the Brazilian flag.