To fertilize or not to fertilize your house plants

Calathea Medallion showing new growth

The latest in plant care tips for keeping your foliage happy and healthy, brought to you by premium plant delivery service Léon & George.

Finally (sigh), we're fully mid-swing into spring! You might have already noticed some new growth, perkier leaves, and in general, happier looking plants celebrating the extra hours of sunlight and warmth - if not, you may want to consider fertilizing. Think of fertilizers as a vitamin boost. They're not required for you to be healthy, but they can occasionally help you regenerate and grow. Here are a few we've enjoyed in our plant shop.

  • Espoma Company's Organic Indoor Plant Food - a compact dose that's easy to use, store, safe for all houseplants and organic!

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food - the only custom-made formula specifically designed to meet the needs of fiddle leaf fig plants. Supports healthy roots, leaves, and prolific new growth.

  • Museum Studio's Plant Elixir - an all natural essential oil blend that elevates your misting routine through foliar feeding. While this mix is not designed for boosting growth, it does provide nutrients and pest control.

Fertilizers available in shop or online. Happy growing!



A stunning prayer plant with a deep color palette of leaves painted by nature. Loves humid environments, bright light and distilled or rainwater.