Insect Control

Before and after of Pothos being watered

The latest in plant care tips for keeping your foliage happy and healthy, brought to you by premium plant delivery service Léon & George.

It's fall, everything is cold, and our plants aren't drying out as quickly in between waterings. Increased moisture in our plant's soil is dangerous for a handful of reasons, but maybe none more annoying and frustrating than insects. Specifically, flying insects like gnats and mosquitos. While typically harmless, these pesky flyers can do serious damage to the roots of plants if the infestation goes uncontrolled. Follow these quick and easy steps to prevent and treat any infestations this fall, winter, and beyond!

  • Most pests lay their eggs in damp soil. Allowing the soil to dry between waterings is key to prevention.

  • If pests arrive, start watering from the bottom up to prevent top layers of soil from being too wet.

  • Use Neem Oil, a soap and water mixture, or any other organic insect repellent at first sight of bugs. Thoroughly cover leaves, stems, and the first two inches of soil in order to drench all bugs and prevent larvae in the soil from hatching. This method typically takes multiple applications in order to be successful.

  • As a last resort, systemic insect control granules are effective for protecting and ridding your plants of pests over time. #plantcare #plantlove #leonandgeorge

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