Making Sure Plants Survive Your Vacation

Your plants can be okay even if you’re not around to take care of them. With just a tiny bit of advance prep, you can leave home for weeks at a time without killing off your leafy green friends.

Some tips:

  • If you’re leaving for a week or less, a good soaking will be all you need. You normally don’t want to oversaturate the soil with water, but this is an exception. As always, be sure not to leave any standing water in the saucer, as that may result in pests or root rot.

  • If you’re leaving for a couple of weeks, after watering as described above, try putting some moss, leaves, wood chips, or pebbles on top of the exposed soil. Basically any natural material than can keep moisture in. Our plants at Léon & George come with green moss on top that’s decorative but also helps the soil retain moisture.

  • If you’re leaving for a really long time, well that sounds pretty exciting, but it also means you’ll have to cover the plant in a plastic bag to help keep moisture in. Make sure the bag sits above the top of the pot, and keep it off the foliage with some sticks. Cut some slits in the bag to make sure the plant can still breathe. Alternatively, you may consider simply asking a friend to come water the plants for you.

  • Plants that like humidity may do better in the bathroom while you’re gone, provided there’s a source of light in there. But remember not to give plants more light than they’re used to getting, because that might stimulate growth which uses up more water.

  • For the same reason as above, don’t feed the plant any fertilizer in the days and weeks before you leave, as that will also stiumlate growth at the wrong time.

  • Prune off any unhealthy, dead or dying leaves by plucking them off if they come out easily, or by cutting them with a sharp scissor at the base of the stem. In doing so, the plant will waste less energy trying to keep those leaves alive.

If you’re looking for a quick and stress-free way of getting beautiful houseplants, try Léon & George. We have a great selection of easy-care plants and beautiful pots and deliver them right to your door.