Plants That Make Perfect Gifts

Photo by Leon and George

Photo by Leon and George

Easy-care plants make great gifts – even if your friends and family aren’t used to having houseplants. Whether they’re new to the plant party or they have excellent green thumbs, our assortment of plants cater to every person on your shopping list!

Here are our top picks for this year’s best plants to give as gifts.

Easy-Care Plants

No aimless watering or unsupervised pruning required! Under this category, we have included plant options that are simple to own and funky to stylize with. 

The Zanzibar Gem is a near indestructible indoor plant. It has long, wand-like stems with lush leaves that resemble a group of feathers. This plant is highly adaptable and thrives in a wide range of conditions, so it's recommended for all homes and offices.

The Snake Plant is a large succulent so it's extremely adaptable and also very low maintenance. It’s a terrific air purifier, making it a healthy and attractive addition to any indoor space.

Give the gift of these plants this holiday season and boost the confidence of any new plant-owner!

Left photo:  Large Zanzibar Gem  right photo:  Large Snake Plant

Left photo: Large Zanzibar Gem right photo: Large Snake Plant

Perfect for Small Spaces

In this category, size matters! These pint-sized plants will beautify any cramped or dim apartment.

A popular and truly easy-care plant is the Cascading Pothos. Pothos plants have smooth, heart-shaped leaves and they adapt easily to all environments. Looking for a plant option that will grow quickly with minimal care? This is your guy! Pothos are also terrific air purifiers.

Another perfect fit for this category is the Peace Lily. It's a popular choice for indoor plants because of its white, flower-like features and its ease of care. Peace Lilies have elegant, deep green leaves which are terrific at purifying air of undesired toxins. They enjoy low to medium light, and express a need for water by sagging their leaves.

These extremely manageable plants make a great gift for any friend or family member that may not believe their living space is a suitable plant environment. Let’s prove them wrong!

Left photo:  Cascading Pothos  right photo:  Peace Lily

Left photo: Cascading Pothos right photo: Peace Lily

Stand-Out Selections

Looking to impress? Look no further - go for these fashion-forward picks. These fancy plants are intended for the fancy-pants you’re buying for this season.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is all the rage this year! Whether it’s the tree or the column, this plant is popular with interior designers and often appears in trendy magazines as a fashionable accessory to any home or office. It's truly a must-have for all who appreciate stylish greenery.

Your next option would be to make a statement by gifting a tall, angular cactus. The Desert Cactus is a low maintenance and attractive piece that will draw the attention of anyone. Like its name suggests, this cactus likes desert conditions with a lot of light and not a lot of water. This is one of our more rare plants, perfect for those trend-setters on your list. 

Left photo:  Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree  right photo:  Desert Cactus

Left photo: Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree right photo: Desert Cactus

Fan Favorites

Meet our most sought-after plants of all time. The foliage under this heading are popular amongst plant-owners everywhere!

It’s no surprise that a Fiddle Leaf Fig reappears in this category – this time in the form of the Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush. It's a smaller Fiddle option, but still provides the perfect balance of volume and grace wherever it is housed.

Another bright and striking go-to plant is the Bird of Paradise. Resembling a banana tree with its split leaves, this popular indoor plant creates an instant jungle atmosphere. In maturity and with enough light, the Bird of Paradise will produce an exotic blue-and-white flower that resembles the head of a crane. 

Misfits and Underdogs

Here we introduce you to plants you won’t find anywhere else. These unique choices will appeal to that eccentric person you’re buying for.

First on the list, The Dragon Tree, an eye-catching plant that becomes a great focal point of any room. It has long, slender, striped leaves exploding out of a strong trunk. This tree is one of the easiest plants to grow and care for, and is recommended by NASA to improve the quality of indoor air.

Next is a popular plant from the art deco era, the Monstera Deliciosa. It is known to bring style and taste to any space. The Monstera is making its return as the plant of choice for interior designers and its iconic split leaves are often the subject of modern artwork. Its beautiful deep green-colored leaves are perfect for creating an instant tropical rainforest feeling. 

If you're looking for that WOW-factor, choose to gift one of these extraordinary plants and you will not be disappointed.

Left photo:  Dragon Tree  right photo:  Monstera Deliciosa

Left photo: Dragon Tree right photo: Monstera Deliciosa

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So, now that we’ve helped personalize our plants to suit the individual needs of your close friends and family, feel free to browse our selection and make some decisions! Keep in mind, each plant comes prepped and potted with custom care instructions. We provide free home delivery, and if you want to receive your plants before Christmas, get your orders in before Wednesday, 12/20 at MIDNIGHT!

Happy Hunting :)