Zanzibar Gems (aka ZZ Plants) – just how indestructible are they?

Zanzibar Gem Yellow Leaves

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On every list of "indestructible" houseplants, living Zanzibar Gems (aka ZZ Plants) still require a minimum of comfort to live up to it's nickname as the Eternity Plant. Here are the most common issues you'll see when maintaining their light-water balance.  

  • Yellowing leaves - your plant is getting too much water. Allow the soil to dry completely between waterings, which can sometimes take 2-4 weeks and even longer during winter. Aerate the soil occasionally to encourage air flow and keep away from cold temperatures.

  • Limping fronds - not enough water. Give your plant a shower and allow the water to run completely through. Adjust your watering schedule or amounts, and stake the limping stems to help them retake their shape. If they don't perk back up, trim them off, leaving your plant more energy for new growth. 

  • Brown spots - these are typically cosmetic blemishes, not a sign of any ailment. Older leaves may also brown or yellow as they age, you can remove these without harm, and continue to enjoy the overall beauty of your Zanzibar Gem.

  • Bulging roots - they have big roots and they cannot lie! This natural feature allows the ZZ to hold water longer and handle neglect well, thus giving them the reputation of being "indestructible". Once you see roots circling the bottom of the pot, it's time to repot and give them more space. 



Long and graceful wandlike stems with lush fleshy leaves, resembling a group of feathers, the Zanzibar Gem is a near indestructible indoor plant.