Six Secrets of Scandinavian Design (And How to Use Them)

Scandinavian interiors are all about simplicity. Pictured here: the air-purifying  Snake Plant  and a Peperomia.

Scandinavian interiors are all about simplicity. Pictured here: the air-purifying Snake Plant and a Peperomia.

Scandinavian interior design: elevating your everyday

When it comes to interior design, it’s no secret that the Scandinavians know what they’re doing. Marked by simplicity and pureness in both form and function, Scandinavian interior design exists to make everyday living beautiful and inspiring with decluttered spaces, bright, neutral tones, and plenty of nature (think wood floors and indoor greenery!). Learn all about the major principles of Scandinavian interior design, and you’ll see quickly see what all the hygge is about!

Basic characteristics of Scandinavian interior design

  1. Minimalism reigns

    Scandinavian design is all about clean, airy spaces and a definitive lack of clutter, allowing light and air to flow freely throughout. Proper organization is key if you want to attain this look, and the items that are on display are simple, functional, and boast beautiful silhouettes.

  2. Muted tones and soft textures

    Something you see time and again with Scandinavian design is the use of muted, neutral colors like white, gray, and beige. That said, it is not uncommon to see a pop of color or patterned textile here and there, so don’t be afraid to incorporate a bright red or yellow to add a bit of personality.

The gorgeous  Monstera Deliciosa  makes a statement. Photo by  @thistlegrass

The gorgeous Monstera Deliciosa makes a statement. Photo by @thistlegrass

3. Form AND Function

Functionality is an important element in Nordic design — a beautiful piece of furniture is nothing if it does not serve a functional purpose (or two)! Open living spaces that can serve multiple purposes are key, and tables or sofas often serve as storage units as well. Even the smallest everyday details, like a kettle or throw, are not just functional, but also beautiful and well-designed (yes, you do have permission to splurge on a small item that brings you joy!).

4. Bright spaces and natural light

Scandinavian design is all about letting the light in — sparse or no window dressings and white walls help create the feeling of brightness. And in a region known for its long, harsh winters, it’s no wonder why! Say goodbye to heavy or gaudy curtains, and keep windows free of clutter.

5. Hygge, or coziness, as a way of life

Hygge (pronounced hyoo-guh), a Danish word describing the feeling of coziness and well-being, is not just a driving factor for Scandinavian aesthetics: it’s also a way of life. Thanks to the long, harsh winters of this region, living spaces act as sanctuaries during much of the year. Combined with the bright, airy space of Scandinavian style, you’ll also see plenty of soft, textured blankets, high-quality ceramics (for all the warm beverages!), and candles galore.

6. Inspiration drawn from nature

Perhaps our most favorite aspect of Scandinavian interiors is the deep appreciation for nature. Things like large windows that give way to trees and sky, plenty of indoor potted plants, the use of natural materials, and an eco-friendly, sustainable approach to all aspects of decor make Scandinavian interior design something to swoon about.

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