Announcing... The Desert Cactus!

Photo by Léon & George

Photo by Léon & George

If you haven't already noticed, we've added a NEW product to our selection of all things living and lovely! We're excited to announce that the Desert Cactus is here and it's looking sharp. Whether you're aware of the existing cacti-craze or you're completely in the dark, let us shed some light on why prickly plants are starting to populate style-guides, Instagram feeds and store fronts as of late. 

What makes it cool?

Its been obvious for some time that succulents are sweeping the nation. Their easy-care qualities and unique variations contribute to their popularity, and they're sprouting up in coffee shops, window-sills, and home interiors everywhere. The Desert Cactus however, a distant cousin to many succulents, is the not-so-typical plant in town.

More formally referred to as the Euphorbia Ammak, this California-native desert cactus is quite a rare find. It's strikingly grand in stature and has a bohemian aesthetic that makes it extremely photogenic. This Euphorbia can reach a height of 10m and its whimsical, branching arms make it seem almost human-like! Its most common coloring is a pale yellow, but the natural coloration is a deep, saturated shade of green. Add one of these plants to your home or office and it's bound to be an eye-catching conversation starter. Benefit from the Euphorbia's unique, impressive presence with the easy-care nature of any simple succulent. 

Left photo by  right photo by  Justina Blakeney

Left photo by right photo by Justina Blakeney

Care & Design

With spines as sharp and tough as its personality, this low maintenance cactus is distinctive and unusual. Like its name, these cacti like desert conditions with a lot of light and not a lot of water, especially in the winter months. You can put in minimal effort and this plant will thrive. To quote an article from The Guardian, " [these] cacti are easy-care, striking to look at, and 'green' because they require little water: sustainable interior decoration in a pot".

The Euphorbia Ammak is known for having unpredictable branch-like arms that often grow in clusters. Although aesthetically it seems very unique and unconventional, getting the most out of this cactus is actually quite effortless. For best results, provide this Euphorbia with full sun and sharply-drained, lean soil. If you need additional care tips, look no further.

Photo by  @thenowmassage

Bring the desert to you

Adding a Desert Cactus to your life is a sure way to accomplish that modern and trendy boho-style that everyone craves! Grown with the utmost care in California, this plant will add warmth to any interior space. If you're looking for an avant-garde Euphorbia of your own, we can help!

And don't worry about the stress of getting this plant to and fro, like usual, we will take care of all those prickly details! 

Left photo by Léon & George right photo by  @heartshakestudios

Left photo by Léon & George right photo by @heartshakestudios