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Get This Look: West Elm Summer Inspiration

Didn’t get around to spring cleaning? It’s not too late! With summer just around the corner, now is a great time to give your home a little refresh, add some lush greenery to the scene, and prep for any summer hosting you have planned.

And for just this reason, we’ll be setting up shop at West Elm for the weekend, making your home decor needs a total breeze. Our plant stylists will be onsite and ready to help you put the finishing touches on your new style and create the plant goals of your dreams.

In the meantime, take advantage of these gorgeous plant moments straight out of West Elm’s spring and summer catalogues as inspiration. Make yourself a refreshing cocktail, have a seat in your living room, and imagine the possibilities!

A    Bird of Paradise    that pulls together the room’s color story. Photo:    West Elm   .

A Bird of Paradise that pulls together the room’s color story. Photo: West Elm.

A    Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree    creating visual interest against white walls and windowpanes. Photo:    West Elm   .

A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree creating visual interest against white walls and windowpanes. Photo: West Elm.

An    Elephant’s Ear    and a staked    Cascading Pothos    (right) adds personality and jungle vibes to a dining room. Photo:    West Elm   .

An Elephant’s Ear and a staked Cascading Pothos (right) adds personality and jungle vibes to a dining room. Photo: West Elm.

A large statement plant like the    Bird of Paradise    instantly creates a feeling of lush oasis in the bedroom. Photo:    West Elm   .

A large statement plant like the Bird of Paradise instantly creates a feeling of lush oasis in the bedroom. Photo: West Elm.

Sculptural    Dragon Tree    and    Desert Cactus   … does it get anymore summer than that? Photo:    West Elm   .

Sculptural Dragon Tree and Desert Cactus… does it get anymore summer than that? Photo: West Elm.

Léon & George Pop-Up @ West Elm
West Elm plants

The finishing touch to your newly styled space — living greenery.


Come see us at West Elm!

For one weekend only, Léon & George will be popping up in both Northern and Southern California at West Elm Pasadena and West Elm Palo Alto! Add the finishing touch to your new style with fresh live greenery, paired with the perfect ceramic pot and comfortably delivered to your home (perhaps right next to that new West Elm chair you’ve been eyeing!). Hope to see you there!

See our best-selling Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree on display at West Elm.

See our best-selling Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree on display at West Elm.

The Not-So-Secret Life of Plants - Part II: Supernatural Plant Stories

On the brink of Halloween, a group of wild and curious plant lovers gathered at our urban greenhouse for an evening of storytelling and science. At part two of our new discussion series, we dove into the world of supernatural plant powers, how they communicate with each other, animals, and us.

Thank you to the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory for lending plants for our learning, and to Standard Wines for keeping our night classy.

The Not-So-Secret Life of Plants

A new educational series setting out to demystify the most illusive secrets of how plants live and love. Plants are living beings, just like us—and there's nothing secretive about them! They actually make their needs known in very overt ways. Spend an interactive evening in our urban greenhouse and we guarantee you'll learn something new. Space is limited so reserve your spot early!

Thursday, September 27, 7pm-8:15pm 

You might think your houseplant is just an inanimate object sitting in the corner… but it's truly living and breathing! At this series premiere, we’ll explore how plant behavior and survival mimics our own, and how we're not so different after all. Participate in a mini-propagation activity and take home a new plant baby of your own!

Thursday, October 25, 7pm-8:15pm 

Plants communicate with the world around them to accomplish some supernatural, superpowered stuff. Come hear the most outlandish plant stories—the good, the bad, and the spooky!

Thursday, November 15, 7pm-8:15pm 

Take care of your houseplants, and they'll return the favor. Your plants can help you breathe better, feel better, and live better. We'll explore the many reasons we're thankful for the way plants enrich our lives (and spruce up our style).

About our professor


A native of New York City, Emily Bick is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Davis. She received her bachelor's degree in entomology from Cornell University and her master's degree in entomology from UC Davis. She is a Board-Certified Entomologist, specializing in medical and plant entomology. Her work has focused on leveraging entomological knowledge to best benefit people, and developing practical solutions for invasion biology of urban forests. Emily holds a national Linnaean Games championship title and is delighted to list “published theater critic” to her resume.

More about Emily:

Exciting Things
IMG_20180627_160554 (1).jpg

Hi there,

Did you know that we're now shipping plant orders coast to coast? It was a big decision for our lean startup, but with encouragement from our mentors and customers asking around the country, we made the leap. Now you can order one of our premium plant sets for loved ones near and far. Our catalog changes weekly, so make sure to check back in every now and then.

We also expanded to Paris, France. That's right, we are officially international! Our team members have family roots in France, so it made sense bien sûr. Check out the Léon & George French e-boutique here.

Last but not least, we're opening two showroom locations — in San Francisco's Mission District and Los Angeles' Arts District. Both locations will be open for limited shopping hours starting in July, with VIP events and workshops coming soon.

There's so much to share about each of these exciting developments, and our hope is that they provide a simple yet valuable service in bringing more plants and people together. We'll be in touch again soon!

All the best,

Nicolas and Ron
Co-Founders, Léon & George

Premium Hardwood Plant Stands

Finally, a stand for your large plant friends. Give them a lift (literally) with these 100% reclaimed hardwood stands, finished with VOC-free oil to accentuate the natural beauty and grain of the Sapele Mahogany wood. Sized perfectly for 15” ceramic pots and goes great with the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree or Desert Cactus.

A Partnership with a Purpose

At Léon & George we choose to work with makers who care deeply about the materials they use and the people they employ. In addition to offering a finely crafted and stunning product, Old World Timber is committed to giving back to their community. Our partnership, rooted with purpose, can be felt in the handiwork and design behind each Sapele Wood Stand.

Shop our Plants at Batch

Sometimes you just want that in real life experience before buying online. Other than our Sunday shops this Spring, you can also check out our plants #IRL in the latest Spring collection at Batch! 

Photo by  Batch

Photo by Batch

Batch is a thoughtfully curated selection of up-and-coming products and innovative online brands. They have a stylish, stunning showroom that allows you to browse these pieces in a beautifully crafted setting.

Now through May you can pop in and shop their pink paradise! Along with many of our gorgeous greens, you'll also find other incredibly creative brands and interior decor options. 

Photo by  Batch

Photo by Batch


Want to check it out for yourself?

Batch is housed in an historic 1916-era firehouse, and they’ve gone to great lengths to preserve, restore, or re-use its original features.

We'll be featured in this space until May 26th, so don't miss it!

Visit 1648 Pacific Ave in SF and get your pink on!

Also, be sure to follow @leonandgeorge and @visitbatch on IG to stay in the know about any upcoming events.



Spring Sundays Pop-Up!

No season calls for change quite like spring, and along with it we’ve decided to open our doors to Bay Area residents who’d like to meet our plants in person… To put it simply, we’re open!


This spring, come visit Léon & George on Sundays from 12pm to 4pm and have a look around our urban greenhouse. Immerse yourself in a jungle of fiddle leaf figs, marvel at the beauty of our 6-feet-tall cacti, or just take a deep breath of that ultra-clean, earthy air. In addition to the plants seen on our website, we will also have plenty of in-person-only deals! Whether you’re in the market for some leafy greens or just enjoying a beautiful San Francisco Sunday in the Mission, all are welcome to drop by!

Mark it down in your calendar:

  • Sundays from 12pm-4pm @ 3465 Cesar Chavez St

  • Wide selection of plants and pots as seen on website

  • Limited edition pots available in person only

  • Special deals! Discounted prices on cosmetically challenged plants (also available in person only)

  • Take home immediately or opt for delivery to your front door

Stay tuned by RSVPing on Facebook. Hope to see you there!

Grow Your Own Luck!
Photo  Large Braided Money Tree  by Léon & George

Photo Large Braided Money Tree by Léon & George

Known to bear luck and prosperity, our Limited Edition Large Braided Money Tree could be the perfect addition to your home this Lunar New Year. Its unique leaf shape, elaborately braided trunk, and a must-have pot of gold make it extremely noteworthy this time of year. Best of all, it’s one of our most easy-care plants.

Diggin’ deeper.

Not familiar with Lunar New Year? Let’s shed some light on the basics:

  • This holiday is based on the lunar calendar (the cycles of the moon)

  • The moon is very powerful - it controls ocean tides, plant growth, and even human behavior, so Lunar New Year celebrations are meant to acknowledge these relationships

  • Festivities begin when the first new moon occurs (anywhere from end of January to mid-February) and they come to a close with the first full moon (15 days later)

  • A new moon signifies new beginnings/the opportunity to move forward with a clean slate - the full moon that follows (15 days later) signifies the completion of one complete moon cycle

  • During this time, feasts, fireworks, and a variety of special ceremonies/festivals are enjoyed

  • It's highly celebrated in Asia and many other parts of the world. It is seen as an opportunity to spend time with family and honor your ancestors

  • For 2018, the first new moon that will kick off the Lunar New Year occurs on Friday, February 16th

Depending on location and culture, celebrations can look vastly different as various traditions and beliefs are honored. What we do know for sure is that the lunar calendar is also often referred to as the agricultural calendar - how suiting? Plant people know what’s up ;)

Increasing your juju.

We all chase positive vibes, good karma, and success in our lives. Can all of this be achieved by acquiring a plant? Who knows! But, the Money Tree is the most popular plant used as a Feng Shui cure. If put in the money area of your home, it is said to increase good fortune and attract wealth energy!

We’ve learned by now that money doesn’t grow on trees, but if something this luscious and lovely could help you prosper even a little bit, why not give it a go? Standing at 4ft tall with canopy-like leaves, this Large Braided Money Tree can liven up any home or office.

Left photo by  Lifestyle Gist  right photo by  Balcony Garden Web

Left photo by Lifestyle Gist right photo by Balcony Garden Web

Caring for these greens.


  • The Money Tree likes bright light, but it’s best to keep it out of the direct sun

  • It can happily tolerate medium-brightness areas if needed, but may not grow as fast in this environment


  • The Money Tree is a tropical plant that loves humidity

  • Water once a week (or once the top two inches of the soil feels dry to the touch)

Left and right  Large Braided Money Tree  photo by Léon & George

Left and right Large Braided Money Tree photo by Léon & George

We are less than a week away from the commencement of the Lunar New Year, so why not kick it off with some new growth? Get (or gift) a Money Tree!

Best of luck ;)

Liven Up Your V-Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday notorious for its mixed emotions. You either love it - or you love to hate it (and that feeling is rarely the same from one year to the next). Some years, we're overcome by flowers and sweets, and others, we're reminded that we’re single and alone. Regardless of your relationship status, don't let your expectations of what Valentine's Day should be get the best of you. This is the year to switch things up, take control, and plan the day YOU want regardless of who's around you! 

We’ve compiled a few suggestions of things to do - whether you’re in a relationship, hanging out alone, or choosing to jump on the “Galentine’s Day” bandwagon. One (if not many) of these activities may be just what you need this February.

1. Treat yourself

Indulge in your favorite..

  • Cocktail

  • Spa treatment

  • Dessert

  • Movie

  • ETC

And don’t pick just one! After all, this day is supposed to be all about the things we love right? So show yourself some love and get pampered.

Top photo by  Sarah Gray , bottom photo by  Autri Taheri , and right photo by  Brigitte Tohm

Top photo by Sarah Gray, bottom photo by Autri Taheri, and right photo by Brigitte Tohm

2. Get crafty

Become insta-famous for your DIY abilities. Here’s a list of (relatively cheap) options to boost your creativity:

  • Shamelessly splurge on items you would NEVER normally buy and make milkshakes with all the fixins - don’t hold back!

  • Revamp your home’s interior and enhance its overall vibe with fresh florals, a new print, or some trimmed greens

  • Paint a picture - hit your local dollar store for crafty supplies and use food, friends, or a pet as your muse (in the spirit of self-love, you could also channel your inner Van Gogh and try a self-portrait)

Whatever you do, post about the process and make everyone on your insta-feed jealous of your newly developed artsy side.

Left photo by  Carly Heitlinger , middle photo  The Fashion Medley , right photo  Grow Creative

Left photo by Carly Heitlinger, middle photo The Fashion Medley, right photo Grow Creative

3. Be bold

Whether on a date or out with friends, do something you’ve always been too afraid to do!

  • Get a piercing

  • Bake/cook something way too complicated (and then have UberEats/your local pizza guy queued up just in case)

  • Dye your hair a vibrant color (semi-permanent, obviously)

  • Plan a trip and learn to surf, scuba dive, or perfect your tree pose on a yoga retreat

We create the life we live, so have some fun!

Left photo by  Joey Pilgrim  and right photo by  @gonecoastal

Left photo by Joey Pilgrim and right photo by @gonecoastal

4. Vibe with nature

Take a walk outside! Nature can make you feel amazing. While outdoors you can:

  • Take-in copious amounts of fresh air

  • Get your feet wet at the beach

  • People-watch in the city

  • Explore a neighborhood or park you’ve never visited

This is a fun activity to enjoy with a friend, loved one, pet, or your favorite podcast/playlist!

In the spirit of *full disclosure*, this is by far the healthiest of our suggestions. Too lazy to venture outdoors? Bring nature to you by getting a(nother) houseplant - after all, plants don’t judge.

Freshen-up the air in your space with an air-purifying plant, or choose a statement piece and achieve that jungle-feel! Best part is, you can enjoy either (or both) from the comfort of your couch.

Left  Cascading Pothos  by Léon & George, right  Pink Rubber Tree  by Léon & George

Left Cascading Pothos by Léon & George, right Pink Rubber Tree by Léon & George

5. Spread love

Perhaps gifting is the right play for you this Valentine’s Day. It’s likely to make you feel good and let’s be honest, it’ll build good karma. Use this holiday as an opportunity to gift something special to a loved one, friend, family member, co-worker etc! Brighten someone else’s day and feel the residual effects. We suggest giving something they can care for - like some of our gorgeous greens perhaps. Small tabletops are a great starter plant, and if making decisions is a nightmare for you then consider a gift card!

Left  Zanzibar Tabletop  by Léon & George,right  Gift Card  by Léon & George

Left Zanzibar Tabletop by Léon & George,right Gift Card by Léon & George

Last but certainly not least - if all else fails and NONE of these suggestions apply to you or your interests... fear not! There are always ample crime documentaries to binge watch on Netflix.

Get a free give to a friend
Photo by @jacksons.jungle

Photo by @jacksons.jungle

In the spirit of brining more plants and people together this year, we're giving out free plants for our lovely customers, or your friends!

Till January 31st, purchase any 2 plants and get a free small Pothos! Each plant comes paired with a white, blue or turquoise glazed pot, ready for you to gift to a friend. 

Pothos plants adapt easily to all environments and will grow quickly with minimal care. They are also terrific purifiers of indoor air.

It's the ideal starter plant, and a great way to show your appreciation for someone special as we kick off 2018.