How to aerate your houseplant’s soil (and why you should)

Silver Evergreen in white mid-century ceramic

Silver Evergreen in white mid-century ceramic

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Did you know that loosening up your plant's soil before watering allows better and more even distribution of moisture? And that it also helps oxygen flow more easily through the plant’s roots? Most people think of watering when it comes to basic plant care, but what they don’t realize is that aerating the soil is also a small task that can make a big difference. Follow these easy steps and enjoy healthier, happier houseplants:

Step 1: Find a chopstick

Step 2: Gently poke a few holes through the top of the soil (you may strike a root or two, don't worry)

Step 3: Give your plant a thorough watering around the base towards the center, allow all the water to drain through the bottom of the nursery pot

Worried about damaging the roots? Rest assured that even though you might break some roots in the process, this is nothing compared to what overly-compact soil might cause.

If your plants are staged in a decorative pot, empty out any excess water from the bottom and fluff up any soil toppings like moss or rocks. Within a few hours, you should notice a more refreshed look on your foliage.

Houseplant whisperer Derryl Cheng of @houseplantjournal prescribes doing this approximately every other watering for best results.

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