Simple tips to refresh your home

Photo Credit:  Apartment 34

Photo Credit: Apartment 34

Is there any better time than spring to give your home a refresh?

From a simple spring clean-out to bold pops of color, there’s a number of different ways you can give your home a fresh new feel. For a bit of inspiration, we asked our plant stylists what they do when they’re in the mood for a refresh— read on and don’t be afraid to try at home!

Restyle your surfaces

What’s on your coffee table right now? How long has it been there? What about your dining room table or kitchen counter? If it’s been a while since you’ve changed things up, here’s the perfect opportunity to make a small move with a big impact (even if it’s just changing out your coffee table books for new ones!). Go bold by introducing something structural (that piece of driftwood that’s been sitting in garage?), or create a new centerpiece with everyday objects lying around your home (our stylist Renée suggests repurposing your most impressive salad bowl — something like these Andrew Pearce live edge bowls — and filling them with photos, old and new). Whatever you do, you’ll find that this simple ritual does wonders for your space.

Embrace the outdoors

We’re all about bringing the outdoors in, but remember there’s more than one way to do it! Whether it’s adding a bit of greenery to an empty corner or simply placing a bowl of oranges on your kitchen table, finding ways to subtly integrate nature into your space is what it’s all about.

Photo Credit:  Léon & George

Photo Credit: Léon & George

Add a pop of color

Gone are the heavy cushions and plush throws of winter. Tuck your cold weather pieces away and replace them with a bold pop of color— a statement piece (think a new chair or rug), an accent (textiles, lamps, etc), or a brightly colored plant, like the Pink rubber tree.

Refresh your bathroom

It’s amazing what a new shower curtain can do. While you’re at it, consider adding a bright new bath mat (we love this Aelfie millennial pink bath rug) or some moisture-loving plants to the mix. And if you’re feeling truly ambitious, go for a fresh new coat of paint in a unique yet calming color, like sea-foam green or midnight blue.

Get serious about the clutter

There’s a reason Marie Kondo has been so successful— we humans have a lot of stuff! Get serious about your spring cleaning and let go of things you don’t need or use anymore, even if that just means putting them into storage. And you don’t have to be a minimalist to enjoy the feeling of a decluttered home— just remember that less is more, and you will doubly cherish the things that make the cut.