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Real Plants, Real People: Julia & Her Valencia Street Pad

Julia lived in her perch above Valencia Street for seven years before taking off to London for a new adventure. Just before the big move, she remembers what inspired her to make this place her home.


How did you know this home was for you?

I remember I had to dash out of a mid-afternoon meeting to view the apartment. The main building was still under construction, so I had to duck under a tarp to get in. Needless to say it wasn’t a perfect start! But when I entered the apartment and took one look at the huge windows and the view of Sutro Tower overlooking Valencia Street, I knew it needed to be my new home. Having just ended a 9-year relationship, this was my first-ever “big girl” apartment - living on my own, completely free to do things exactly as I wanted. It was luxuriously freeing.

Julia’s plant care motto: leave them alone.

Julia’s plant care motto: leave them alone.

What inspires you when you decorate?

So many things inspire my taste! The record that’s on at my local coffee shop, Four Barrell, in the morning. A stack of old books at the barber shop I pass on my way to work. In the case of my living room interior, I was very inspired by a version of the Life Aquatic movie poster and mimicked the colors and tone when painting and decorating. Plus I’m a bit of a globe freak and have a small collection of antique ones in various shades and versions of the USSR.

Julia looks for low-maintenance when it comes to houseplants, like the ultra-hardy  Pothos .

Julia looks for low-maintenance when it comes to houseplants, like the ultra-hardy Pothos.

What are your plant care secrets?

Leave them alone (some) and sing to them (all).

How to Choose the Right Plants for Your Space
How to choose the right plants for your space

Finding the perfect indoor plant can be overwhelming.

With so many options out there and so many considerations to make, choosing the right plant for your space can seem daunting. Do you have the right light conditions for the plant you’ve been eyeing? What if you have pets or small children — are some of these dangerous to have within their reach? What is the look you are going for, or what size should you get? We believe plants and people belong together and we’re here to help make every step of the process as easy as possible: read our tips on how to find the perfect plants for your style and space!

The perfect environment = a thriving plant

The most important thing to first consider when choosing a plant for your home or office is the light. Certain plants, like the popular Fiddle Leaf Fig, absolutely require tons of bright indirect light. Be realistic about your light situation (see our light guide if you aren’t sure!), and make sure you choose a plant that fits the kind of light you have in your space. On our website, you can filter plants by bright, medium, and low light.

Plants that match your lifestyle

Consider how involved you will be in your plant care routine. Some plants, like Calatheas, are more demanding than others, which means they are not a great choice for individuals who travel frequently or are forgetful plant parents. Other plants, like Snake Plants or Zanzibar Gems, can go weeks without watering and are generally very low-maintenance. Check the care instructions of the plant first to make sure it’s something that matches what you’re looking for in terms of maintenance.

Creating a look you love

If you fill your home with plants it will undoubtedly look like a jungle, but you don’t necessarily need dozens of plants to create this look! Consider what look you are going for, and curate from there. Lush greenery like the Elephant Ear or Bird of Paradise create tropical vibes, while the Monstera Deliciosa has a retro feel and the Fiddle Leaf Fig or Rubber Tree a classic look. Go for one large statement plant, or group a few different plants of differing heights together.

Other considerations

Curious pets at home? There are plenty of pet-safe options, though do keep in mind that unless your pet is likely to consume quite a bit of the plant, you probably don’t need to worry too much about your plant being pet-safe.

Alternatively, you may be looking for plants that work well in certain rooms of your home. Check out our favorite plants for the bedroom or bathroom, and see why these are great choices for these specific spaces.

Still need help?

Reach out and let us help you create your oasis! Email us anytime at


Indoor plants, potted & delivered

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A Pop of Color: Plant Styling with Bold Colors
Photo credit:  @shaunaglenn

Photo credit: @shaunaglenn

Looking to add a bit of color to your life?

Indoor plants are some of the most versatile pieces of decor to play with, and using a pop of color, whether on the plant’s foliage or the accessories that support it, is a fun way to add some personality to an otherwise dull area in your home. From minimal to bohemian and everything in between, here are a few simple tips to make your plants stand out.

Go for a boldly-colored ceramic

A brightly colored ceramic adds a bold splash of color to any style and brings out the foliage of plants like the  Elephant Ear .

A brightly colored ceramic adds a bold splash of color to any style and brings out the foliage of plants like the Elephant Ear.

White ceramics are clean and cool, but what about colors that really make your greenery stand out? We found that cobalt blue was the match made in heaven when it came to lush greenery. Plants like the Bird of Paradise, Elephant Ear (pictured), and Desert Cactus look particularly stunning in this unique ceramic, and as bonus points give off vacation vibes all year long.

Accessorize with a colorful plant stand

Amigo Modern’s  octahedron plant stands  are a fun way to add color to your plant stylings. Photo credit:  @amigomodern

Amigo Modern’s octahedron plant stands are a fun way to add color to your plant stylings. Photo credit: @amigomodern

When creating visual interest, plant stands are the way to go. Not only do they make your plant stand out, but they can be a great way to throw a bit of color into the mix. Layer and elevate your greenery with colorful plant stands, like these fun metallic stands by Amigo Modern.

Create contrast with surrounding surfaces

A  Pink Rubber Tree  makes for a delightful contrast against a blue wall. Photo credit:  @jennykaplan

A Pink Rubber Tree makes for a delightful contrast against a blue wall. Photo credit: @jennykaplan

When decorating a new space or corner, consider the many ways you can create contrast with the foliage of your plants:

  • Dark foliage with light ceramics, like the Rubber Tree in a white pot

  • Light foliage with dark ceramics, like the Bird’s Nest Fern in a black pot

  • Boldly painted walls — think midnight blue or forest green — with bright plants against them

  • Layering plants with different shades of green

Brighten things up with a colorful plant

The beautiful  Calathea Medallion , colorful itself, in a bright yellow planter. Photo credit:  @modern_botanic

The beautiful Calathea Medallion, colorful itself, in a bright yellow planter. Photo credit: @modern_botanic

Of course one of the best ways to bring color into your home with plants is selecting a plant that is already colorful on its own! Plants like the Pink Rubber Tree, Magenta Triostar, or Calathea Medallion (pictured) immediately brighten up a space with their bright pops of pink.


Indoor plants, potted & delivered

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Real Plants, Real People: Chef Nosh with Tash
Photo by  Atelier Doré

Photo by Atelier Doré

Natasha Feldman a.k.a. @noshwithtash is changing the way we see cooking by offering delicious recipes that fit busy lifestyles. She shares with us the important ingredients of a chef’s home.


How did you know this home was for you?

Natasha wanted a lush plant as an accent piece in her kitchen, she went with a  Cascading Pothos

Natasha wanted a lush plant as an accent piece in her kitchen, she went with a Cascading Pothos

As a cook, the MOST important thing for me was a nice sized kitchen, with a stove that could withstand my constant abuse and enough room for a big dining room table. Having people over and being able to cook and serve family style is always priority number one. That being said, if I were going to do it all over again, I'd focus more heavily on the second most important element... natural light! I can usually be found in front of my apartment on the street, wearing an apron with forks in my back pocket and taking photos of food, looking like a total crazy person because of the lack of natural light inside my place.

What inspires you when you decorate?

I love supporting local artists and more often than not an object will just speak to me and I'll have to have it. Then I take it home, and after putting it in five different locations, I'll find its home. I don't love having a ton of stuff around, I like a clean and easy environment with bold pops of color and lots of food-related adornments.

As a new plant parent Natasha wanted plants she couldn’t kill that also looked cool and modern. She picked out a cute Staghorn Fern, the bubbly Pink Rubber Tree and super resilient Cast Iron Plant.

What are your plant care secrets?

LEON AND GEORGE. haha. Until finding their service I was never able to keep plants happy because I just didn't know how to find the kinds of plants I could keep alive, and how to care for them like tiny silent children. My secret is to follow the instructions to a T and adjust watering based on the seasons, they've really just made it so easy for me!

Natasha’s Plant Crib Tour

Meet Natasha’s plants and hear her story on how she went from being a self-proclaimed plant killer to an A+ plant mom!

Bathroom Style: Simple Tips to Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Look
Plants for bathrooms

Does your bathroom need an upgrade?

Bathrooms are often low on the list of priorities when decorating our homes, but they shouldn’t be. Generally a clean, minimal (and small!) space, your bathroom is actually one of the easiest spaces to style. With just a few essentials, you can give your bathroom a fresh new look you’ll love.

Upgrade your shower curtain

Image courtesy of  Quiet Town .

Image courtesy of Quiet Town.

Show curtains can make or break a bathroom. Think of it as a tapestry that functions as the focal point of your bathroom: would you hang a boring or dingy piece of art in your living room or bedroom? Find a shower curtain that speaks to you, and you’ll find a little bit of joy every time you see it.

LG recommends: Quiet Town’s Marfa Collection.

Add a bit of green

Image by  Léon & George.

Many plants love the humid environment of bathrooms, and a bit of greenery always goes a long way. Trailing plants add a touch of life to any shelf, and palms an instant jungle feel.

LG recommends: The Cascading Pothos or the Parlor Palm.

Say goodbye to boring bathmats

Image courtesy of  Jonathan Adler.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adler.

Bathmats are a fun way to add a pop of color or a bit of personality to an otherwise sterile space. And guess what? They don’t have to be a geometric shape.

LG recommends: Reversible zebra print bath mat by Jonathan Adler.

Minimize with practical storage

Image courtesy of  The Little Market .

Image courtesy of The Little Market.

If your bathroom doesn’t have all the storage it needs, consider creative solutions like over-the-toilet shelves, corner shelves, or even a clean, simple crate to house all your toiletries. Not only will decluttering gain you loads of space, but it will also leave you with the impression that your bathroom is that much bigger.

LG recommends: The Little Market’s Color block sisal basket in white.

Invest in towels you’ll love

Image courtesy of  Weezie .

Image courtesy of Weezie.

Is there anything more wonderful than a luxurious bath towel? It’s a small pleasure almost anyone can appreciate, and what’s best about nice bath towels is that they will last for years and years to come.

LG recommends: Weezie bath towels.


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Five Reasons Why A Potted Plant Makes The Best Wedding Gift

In search of a unique wedding gift?

Finding the perfect wedding gift is no simple task. You want something both parties will love, and something that is meaningful and will last. Why not give them the unique gift of a potted plant?

In the past, the idea of a potted plant as a wedding gift was a bit unrealistic. Sure, you could pick something beautiful out at the nursery, but then what? Would you need to store it in your home until the time came? How would you get it to them? Giving a plant as a wedding gift simply wasn’t practical.

Luckily for you (and the couple-to-be!), this is no longer the case. Ordering a premium plant and pot set for the newlyweds is as simple as ever, and will undoubtedly make for one of the most cherished wedding gifts they receive.

So, why should you give them a gift that grows? Read on to learn about why plants make the perfect unique wedding gift.

The best wedding gifts

They’re Green

And we don’t mean literally. Potted plants are great for the environment, they clean our air, and with just a little TLC, they will last a lifetime. And the icing on the cake? You plant a tree in the forest when you purchase their wedding gift.

They’re symbolic

Did you know the Braided Money Tree is a symbol of good luck and fortune? The Zanzibar Gem is also known as the “eternity plant”, perfect for wishing the new couple a lifetime of happiness. Or simply find a plant that reminds you of them and give it to them as a symbol of their love.

They’ll grow together

Speaking of symbolism, a plant will grow and mature over time, just like the newlywed couple. Give them a gift that grows, and let them grow together.

The best unique wedding gifts

They’re versatile

The great thing about plants is that they can adapt to so many spaces as the couple’s life together evolves and changes. What may be a gift for their living room may eventually move to an office, or a baby’s nursery.

They’re the perfect addition to any home

No matter their taste or style, a plant looks wonderful in any home. Not only does it enhance and elevate any space, but it also brings happiness and joy to anyone who sets eyes upon it. And the best part? Unlike other wedding gifts, this one will not end up in the back of the closet!

So what are you waiting for? Give them a timeless gift that grows.


Indoor plants, potted & delivered.

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Real Plants, Real People: Roommates Wren and Jayme

Wren and Jayme are friends who love a good theme party. When they found their charming San Francisco apartment, they knew it was a place they could take care of and make their own. 


How did you know this home was for you?

When we visited the apartment it was empty. They had just re-sealed the floors and there was warm natural light reflecting from everywhere. We sat down in the middle of the floor and it felt comfortable. It was a home we could see ourselves investing in, filling with nice furniture and pieces that would last. 

Wren wanted a plant that handles low light for their small common area, she went with a  Zanzibar Gem

Wren wanted a plant that handles low light for their small common area, she went with a Zanzibar Gem

What inspires you when you decorate?

We both like playing with color and themes. One of the first pieces we purchased for the apartment was a shower curtain, which we picked out from Urban Outfitters. As we were browsing a "Welcome to the Jungle" doormat was suggested and that ended up becoming our theme. We eventually added plants, our colorful velvet couches, and fun animal decor. 

What are your plant care secrets?

A light touch. They don't need to be bothered all the time, but it does help to have a rhythm. We typically check in on them on Sundays. Being aware when something has changed or seems to be wrong, then testing out adjustments is also something we do. When they get big, you notice them even more, so you can't help but be aware of how they're doing. 

Jayme picked a  Bird of Paradise  as a larger plant that would do well with the bright light in her room.

Jayme picked a Bird of Paradise as a larger plant that would do well with the bright light in her room.

Behind the scenes at Léon & George: All about our ceramics

Finding the perfect ceramics for our plants was not easy.

We didn’t want something that just looked good. We wanted something that would last, too— high quality, durable, and stylish enough to stand the test of time. Furthermore, truly great design encompasses form and function, and believe it or not, many ceramic planters fail to meet the latter.

That’s why we decided to take things into our own hands, partnering with LBE Design to create something that met each and every one of our standards. After months of research and testing, enter Revival Ceramics, a timeless collection of handmade ceramic cylinders that we are proud to call our own.


A perfectly-designed pot = a happy and healthy plant.

We strive to set our plants (and customers!) up for success. We don’t want our plants to just look good— they need to feel good, too. That means our 100% waterproof planters are designed to fit most grow pots, allowing us to “stage” plants inside them and thus set them up for optimal health. The plant not only has sufficient room to breath in its grow pot, but it’s also raised up inside, reducing the risk of overwatering.

Inside their decorative mid-century ceramics, our plants live in their nursery pots, allowing for better control over moisture levels, optimal root health, and easy repotting (when the time comes!). Illustration by  Kailie Barnes

Inside their decorative mid-century ceramics, our plants live in their nursery pots, allowing for better control over moisture levels, optimal root health, and easy repotting (when the time comes!). Illustration by Kailie Barnes

A partnership with a purpose.

Building a socially and environmentally sustainable business is core to our values. It drives our choice to work with makers who care deeply about the materials they use and the people they employ. With LBE Design, we traveled the world to find the best partners in ceramics and wood working. We visited multiple factories, met with artisans and managers, and ultimately built relationships with the partners that aligned most with our desire for quality and opportunity for each and every employee. From the nurseries where our plants grow to the natural wood finish of each stand, our plant sets are truly made with love by mother nature and humankind. 

Simple tips to refresh your home
Photo Credit:  Apartment 34

Photo Credit: Apartment 34

Is there any better time than spring to give your home a refresh?

From a simple spring clean-out to bold pops of color, there’s a number of different ways you can give your home a fresh new feel. For a bit of inspiration, we asked our plant stylists what they do when they’re in the mood for a refresh— read on and don’t be afraid to try at home!

Restyle your surfaces

What’s on your coffee table right now? How long has it been there? What about your dining room table or kitchen counter? If it’s been a while since you’ve changed things up, here’s the perfect opportunity to make a small move with a big impact (even if it’s just changing out your coffee table books for new ones!). Go bold by introducing something structural (that piece of driftwood that’s been sitting in garage?), or create a new centerpiece with everyday objects lying around your home (our stylist Renée suggests repurposing your most impressive salad bowl — something like these Andrew Pearce live edge bowls — and filling them with photos, old and new). Whatever you do, you’ll find that this simple ritual does wonders for your space.

Embrace the outdoors

We’re all about bringing the outdoors in, but remember there’s more than one way to do it! Whether it’s adding a bit of greenery to an empty corner or simply placing a bowl of oranges on your kitchen table, finding ways to subtly integrate nature into your space is what it’s all about.

Photo Credit:  Léon & George

Photo Credit: Léon & George

Add a pop of color

Gone are the heavy cushions and plush throws of winter. Tuck your cold weather pieces away and replace them with a bold pop of color— a statement piece (think a new chair or rug), an accent (textiles, lamps, etc), or a brightly colored plant, like the Pink rubber tree.

Refresh your bathroom

It’s amazing what a new shower curtain can do. While you’re at it, consider adding a bright new bath mat (we love this Aelfie millennial pink bath rug) or some moisture-loving plants to the mix. And if you’re feeling truly ambitious, go for a fresh new coat of paint in a unique yet calming color, like sea-foam green or midnight blue.

Get serious about the clutter

There’s a reason Marie Kondo has been so successful— we humans have a lot of stuff! Get serious about your spring cleaning and let go of things you don’t need or use anymore, even if that just means putting them into storage. And you don’t have to be a minimalist to enjoy the feeling of a decluttered home— just remember that less is more, and you will doubly cherish the things that make the cut.

Premium Hardwood Plant Stands

Finally, a stand for your large plant friends. Give them a lift (literally) with these 100% reclaimed hardwood stands, finished with VOC-free oil to accentuate the natural beauty and grain of the Sapele Mahogany wood. Sized perfectly for 15” ceramic pots and goes great with the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree or Desert Cactus.

A Partnership with a Purpose

At Léon & George we choose to work with makers who care deeply about the materials they use and the people they employ. In addition to offering a finely crafted and stunning product, Old World Timber is committed to giving back to their community. Our partnership, rooted with purpose, can be felt in the handiwork and design behind each Sapele Wood Stand.

LA LA Lush
Photo cred:  Patina Studios

Photo cred: Patina Studios

Since expanding last fall, we've found that capturing the pulse of LA and simplifying it down to just a few adjectives is an impossible job (which is also what makes it magical). Los Angeles is a classic place with a wild side that is iconic for being both timeless and trendy all in one. 

At Léon & George, we love keeping up with and getting ahead of interior styles –– especially styles that truly encapsulate the essence of California! As we had into spring, we felt it fitting to capture everything that inspires ‘Lush Living’ –– a SoCal-infused style concept that runs parallel to the interior trends of 2018. Here are our own tips for creating this ornately lavish look in your space!




Somewhere between boho and mid-century, Lush Living brings outdoor LA vibes in! Using the paradise feels of Rodeo Drive and Venice Beach as its muse, this lush look can be accomplished by mixing a gorgeous palette of contrast colors, textures, and living elements. Extracting pale pinks from LA's cotton candy skies and the stark, saturated greens from its overarching palm trees, lush living is not only stylish, it’s punchy and impactful. Best part is, it’s easy to emulate as any blush + botanical pairings in a concentrated space can truly establish this flair!

How to do it

Photo cred: Léon & George,  Large Zanzibar Gem

Photo cred: Léon & George, Large Zanzibar Gem

Texture plays a massive role in creating this look. When choosing fabrics and furniture, consider velvet or velour. That’s right, think 90s revival –– it may seem bold, but it’s also extremely classy. Mid-century furniture is another great go-to in this case. The simple lines, stark edges, and acorn wood coloring will round out any room in a timeless manner!


Like most styles, color is extremely important. It’s very 2018 to use a rich green and pale pink palette as your inspiration so, along with texture, be sure to incorporate these colors where you can. Start by adding accent items like pillows, rugs, throws, or coffee table reads.

Photo cred: Léon & George,  Elephant's Ear

Photo cred: Léon & George, Elephant's Ear

Even further, the best way to accomplish deep, rich, textured greens in your space is by adding beautiful botanicals. No matter what plants you choose as your statement pieces, ALL of them will help accomplish this look quite seamlessly. For example, you can go leafy with a Bird of Paradise, Elephant's Ear, and a Jr. Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush to create those jungle-like feels.

Or choose to pull more of that boho through with a Desert Cactus, Snake Plant, or Zanzibar Gem. The natural greens that indoor plants provide are a vital element of lush living. Don’t be afraid to go overboard either! After all, there is no such thing as too many plants :)

Feel free to share your vibes with us by tagging us on IG: @leonandgeorge

We LOVE to see plant people with STYLE.

Plant of the Moment: Elephant's Ears

At Léon & George, we’re committed to delivering the most beautiful plants straight from our nurseries. We’re constantly refreshing our inventory with the highest quality plants available. Starting today, we’ll be featuring the latest Plant of the Moment.

Our star right now is the majestic Elephant's Ear Plant.

The Alocasia, or Elephant's Ear as it is commonly called, gets its name from its flat, jumbo-sized, heart-shaped leaves. Elephant's Ear plants make a great decorative piece for a spacious room and instantly bring a lush, tropical vibe. They thrive best with indirect sunlight, humid settings and moist soil.

A few fun facts:

  • The entire plant is edible, but only when cooked

  • A popular houseplant since the 1950s, it can live as long as you do with the right care¹

  • In Asia the plant is known as “the great protector”

If you’re convinced and would like a little bit more nature in your life, try Léon & George. We have a great selection of easy-care plants and beautiful pots and deliver them right to your door in the Los Angeles & San Francisco areas.