The Best Air-Purifying Plants for the Office

The best air-purifying plants for offices.

Looking for the best air-purifying plants for your office?

We all know that plants clean our air, but did you know that some are especially good at filtering toxins found in everyday materials like household cleaners, carpet, and paint? With our environments sometimes even more polluted indoors than out, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are choosing plants to help improve their office air quality. Read on to learn about one of the many benefits of plants in the workplace, and which plants will give you the most bang for your buck in terms of air-purification!

The Dragon Tree, like most plants in the Dracaena family, is a fantastic air-purifying indoor plant.

The Dragon Tree

Plants that belong to the Dracaena family are known to be great air-purifiers, and the Dragon Tree is no exception. Lean and tall, this plant is not only a head-turner, but also does wonders in removing toxins like xylene and formaldehyde, which are found in everyday items like hairspray and furniture varnish.

One of the top-rated air-purifying plants, the Snake Plant is the perfect choice for low-light offices.

The Snake Plant

Of all the great air-purifying plants, none performs quite as well as the Snake Plant according to a clean air study by Nasa. What also makes this plant great for an office is that it is nearly indestructible — it’s adaptable to almost any light conditions, and can withstand long periods of neglect.

The best air-purifying plants for the workplace.

The Kentia Palm

Looking for an instant jungle? The Kentia Palm will bring vacation vibes all year long to your office, while also working to release moisture into the air and remove harmful toxins, most notable benzene which is commonly found in paints, varnishes, gasoline, and detergents.

The Pothos is a fabulous low-light plant for offices with little or no sun.

The Cascading Pothos

The Cascading Pothos is a gorgeously voluptuous houseplant that not only can survive with little to note natural light, but also is an excellent plant for filtering out things like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide.

The JC Compacta is another powerful air-purifying plant perfect for the workplace.

The JC Compacta

The JC Compacta is another powerhouse when it comes to air-purification. Just one of these potent little houseplants will quickly filter out 90% of the toxins in a 100 square foot space! A unique houseplant that seems to have come straight out of a fairytale, the JC popular not only for its unique shape and foliage but also because it works wonders in cleaning our air.

The Zanzibar Gem is a great low light plant perfect for offices with no sun.

The Rubber Tree

The Rubber Tree, also known as ficus elastica, is yet another wonderful air-purifier, particularly known for removing formaldehyde from our environment. And best yet — of all the ficus family members, the Rubber Tree is probably the sturdiest one out there. Go for the classic deep burgundy foliage, or the Pink Rubber Tree, which reflects pink hues off its leaves all year long.

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