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Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Plants
Our favorite pet-friendly plants, including air-purifiers and low-light options! Photo credit:  @mintlodica

Our favorite pet-friendly plants, including air-purifiers and low-light options! Photo credit: @mintlodica

Looking for the perfect pet-friendly plant?

If you were worried that your furry friends would limit your indoor plant options, think again! Whether you’re looking for air-purifying plants that are safe for pets, or low-light greenery that will work for both pets and your light conditions, rest assured that there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

The Parlor Palm is a wonderful air-purifying pet-friendly plant.

The Parlor Palm

Most indoor palms are safe for pets, and the Parlor Palm (chamaedora elegans) is no exception. This plant is not only non-toxic, but it also is one of the best air-purifying plants out there! Looking for something bigger? Go for the majestic Kentia Palm — another pet-friendly, air-purifying indoor plant.

The Cast Iron Plant is the perfect pet-friendly plant for rooms with little to no light.

The Cast Iron Plant

The Cast Iron Plant (aspidistra elatior) is one of our favorite low-light, pet-friendly plants. Wondering where it gets its name? It isn’t called “cast iron” for nothing— this plant is nearly indestructible and can withstand just about anything, even curious, nibbling pets!

The Magenta Triostar is a pet-friendly plant with a lot of color.

The Magenta Triostar

Looking for something with a bit of color? The Magenta Triostar (stromanthe sanguinea triostar) has gorgeous green, white, and magenta colored leaves and is perfectly safe for pets.

The Calathea Medallion is a popular indoor plant that is safe for pets.

The Calathea Medallion

A cousin of the Magenta Triostar, the Calathea Medallion (as well as the Calathea Rattlesnake!) are also non-toxic and safe for pets to munch on. Beware, though, before choosing this plant: Calatheas require constant moisture and can be a bit more demanding than some other pet-friendly plants.


The Braided Money Tree

Considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity, the Braided Money Tree is a fantastic pet-friendly plant that comes in many different sizes. Whether it’s the perfect addition to a desktop or shelf, or a larger statement plant for the floor, rest assured that this plant is safe for your pets.


The Bird’s Nest Fern

The Bird’s Nest Fern is a popular non-toxic indoor plant. As far as ferns go, this plant is easy to care for and relatively forgiving of occasional neglect. And if you’re looking for something smaller? In the same family is the Staghorn Fern, also safe for pets.

Is your favorite plant not on this list? Consider how likely your pet will snack on your greenery — most common houseplants are considered just mildly toxic for pets, and would require a fair amount of ingestion to cause a serious health risk. If it’s just a bit of nibbling, there’s most likely nothing to worry about. Shop our full collection of pet-friendly plants here.



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The Best Air-Purifying Plants for the Office
The best air-purifying plants for offices.

Looking for the best air-purifying plants for your office?

We all know that plants clean our air, but did you know that some are especially good at filtering toxins found in everyday materials like household cleaners, carpet, and paint? With our environments sometimes even more polluted indoors than out, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are choosing plants to help improve their office air quality. Read on to learn about one of the many benefits of plants in the workplace, and which plants will give you the most bang for your buck in terms of air-purification!

The Dragon Tree, like most plants in the Dracaena family, is a fantastic air-purifying indoor plant.

The Dragon Tree

Plants that belong to the Dracaena family are known to be great air-purifiers, and the Dragon Tree is no exception. Lean and tall, this plant is not only a head-turner, but also does wonders in removing toxins like xylene and formaldehyde, which are found in everyday items like hairspray and furniture varnish.

One of the top-rated air-purifying plants, the Snake Plant is the perfect choice for low-light offices.

The Snake Plant

Of all the great air-purifying plants, none performs quite as well as the Snake Plant according to a clean air study by Nasa. What also makes this plant great for an office is that it is nearly indestructible — it’s adaptable to almost any light conditions, and can withstand long periods of neglect.

The best air-purifying plants for the workplace.

The Kentia Palm

Looking for an instant jungle? The Kentia Palm will bring vacation vibes all year long to your office, while also working to release moisture into the air and remove harmful toxins, most notable benzene which is commonly found in paints, varnishes, gasoline, and detergents.

The Pothos is a fabulous low-light plant for offices with little or no sun.

The Cascading Pothos

The Cascading Pothos is a gorgeously voluptuous houseplant that not only can survive with little to note natural light, but also is an excellent plant for filtering out things like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide.

The JC Compacta is another powerful air-purifying plant perfect for the workplace.

The JC Compacta

The JC Compacta is another powerhouse when it comes to air-purification. Just one of these potent little houseplants will quickly filter out 90% of the toxins in a 100 square foot space! A unique houseplant that seems to have come straight out of a fairytale, the JC popular not only for its unique shape and foliage but also because it works wonders in cleaning our air.

The Zanzibar Gem is a great low light plant perfect for offices with no sun.

The Rubber Tree

The Rubber Tree, also known as ficus elastica, is yet another wonderful air-purifier, particularly known for removing formaldehyde from our environment. And best yet — of all the ficus family members, the Rubber Tree is probably the sturdiest one out there. Go for the classic deep burgundy foliage, or the Pink Rubber Tree, which reflects pink hues off its leaves all year long.

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Five Proven Benefits of Plants in the Workplace
Benefits of indoor plants in the office

Wondering about the benefits of having plants in your office?

Forget catered lunches, kombucha on tap, or modern open floor plans. Most employees would forego major perks for a workplace with more greenery, and there is nothing like a few live plants to bring the workplace, and its employees, to life. In recent years, countless studies have concluded that indoor plants don’t just increase productivity, but they also reduce stress, boost creativity levels, and in general make us happier, healthier human beings. Whether it’s a small desk plant to care for or an office centered around biophilic design, bringing some greenery into the workplace comes with a handful of proven benefits and ultimately leads to a better work environment for all. Wondering how your workplace can benefit from a bit more greenery? Read on to learn more!

They clean the air

Clean air should be a given in our living and working environments, but unfortunately that is not always the case. In fact, many indoor environments are more polluted than outdoor ones, with things like synthetic building materials (think carpet, paint, wood finishes) and everyday items (household cleaners, pesticides, personal care products) filling our air with harmful chemicals and toxins. Cue in some of the best air-purifying plants, which will not only work to filter out things like formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide, but also add a bit of beauty to any corner you place them in.

They help us focus

What if something as simple as a small potted plant could help us concentrate more at work? As it turns out, it can. Studies have proven again and again that employees perform better in “green” offices, boosting productivity by 15%, cognition by up to 26%, and even doubling general performance.

Benefits of indoor plants in the office

They reduce stress

How do you feel when you walk through a forest? We’re guessing pretty good. Recent studies have shown that we humans have an instinctual desire to connect with nature, also known as biophilia, and that plant life, both in nature and indoors, helps to make us feel calm, relaxed, and soothed. In work environments that can sometimes be highly stressful, a bit of greenery can go a long way.

They increase levels of creativity

Just like plants boost levels of productivity, they also help spark our creativity. Studies show that by simply looking at the shapes of plants and their foliage we may increase our creative performance. Other studies have shown that the mere smell of plants and soil can spark creative thinking.

They beautify any space

Let’s be real: plants look good anywhere. They immediately bring drab corners to life, and they add a splash of color to otherwise boring white walls. Even if you have an office with virtually no sun, you can enjoy the benefits of indoor plants that can survive in low-light conditions. It is arguably one of the easiest ways to quickly beautify any workspace.


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