How To: Moving with Plants

Moving with plants: a few of our expert tips!

Moving with plants?

As if moving isn’t stressful enough, finding a way to transport houseplants to your new home can be a bit of a nightmare. Whether it’s across the city or across state lines, read our tips for moving with plants to make sure they make the journey all in one piece!

  • Water one week out- this may seem obvious but in case it isn’t — plants are heavier when they’ve recently been watered, so water them a week prior so that they have time to drink up before the move.

  • Prune before the journey - if your have any large, top-heavy plants, prune them before travel so that they don’t tip over.

  • Protect the foliage - if your plant has delicate foliage, wrap the leaves with paper or in a plastic bag to avoid damage. A plastic bag will also help retain moisture if you have a humidity-loving plant!

  • Cover the soil - Very tall plants may need to lay down in order to fit in your car or moving van. Cover the soil with newspaper and tape it to the pot so it doesn’t spill out.

  • Protect from the elements - If you’re traveling overnight through cold climates, this can be tough. Most indoor plants won’t survive a freeze, so take this into account before taking the trouble to move with them! If they are smaller plants, you could potentially bring them inside for the night (like pets!), but be wary of leaving them in the car overnight with below freezing temps.

Can’t move your plants?

If for whatever reason your plants can’t move with you, here are some ideas of what to do with them before you go!

  • Take a cutting - Take a small cutting off each of your plants, wrap the cut area in wet tissue, and place in a plastic bag. You can propagate the cuttings in your new home, and enjoy a piece of your old plant!

  • Give them to friends - Plants make great gifts, and can be an incredibly symbolic (and much desired!) parting gift for a friend.

  • Donate to a school or other organization - This is another way to give your plants a new life and let others enjoy them as much as you have!

Once you’ve moved your plants, remember that they may take some time to adjust to their new home. It is not uncommon for plants to drop some leaves during this time,, but as long as you keep a consistent watering schedule and give the plant the light it needs, all should go well. Good luck, and happy moving!

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