Light Requirements for Plants: Explained!

Artist  @kail_bales

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Understanding light levels, let alone the varying light needs for each type of plant can be tricky. So we made you a light guide! Double check the lighting needs for your type of plant and make sure they're getting their balanced dosage of vitamin D.

  • Direct Light - the light that comes in through west or southern-facing windows, the most intense light for your indoors and will expose plants here directly to the sun's rays. (Works for: cactus and succulents)

  • Bright Light - not really direct light, but definitely not medium light, the spots right night to a window that receives a dash of direct light (no more than an hour a day) before being obstructed. Works for: all plants living indoors would be happy here, here’s our recommended list.

  • Medium Light - the spots in a room that are half the distance between a window and back wall. Still plenty bright, but nowhere near direct. Works for: palms, dracaenas, philodendrons, see all medium light plants here.

  • Low Light - areas that are 7ft or more from windows, or places that have no natural light. Certain plant species are adaptable and can live here, but will grow much slower. If your plant starts to look sad, consider moving it to medium light. Here are plants that do well in low light areas.

Plants can also be "conditioned" to different light levels, but be careful to do this over a period of a few weeks. A sudden shift in light levels will cause your plant to go through shock. More on this another week!