Spider Webs and Mites on Houseplants

Photo credit:  reddit

Photo credit: reddit

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Checked your plant's fronds lately? Asides from watering, dusting and checking for insects from time to time should be part of maintaining your plant's health. Check the undersides of leaves and all the stems. If you spot any thin silky webs, it's likely that a few spider mites have decided to take up residency. Treat the problem ASAP to prevent it from spreading.  

  • Clean off your plant with a sturdy stream of cold water in your sink, shower, or outdoors with a hose. Thoroughly spray the tops and bottoms of leaves and stems to completely wash away all webs, mites, and eggs.

  • Let your plant dry off, then treat the infested areas with a natural pesticide like Neem Oil

  • Repeat this process once a week for three weeks to make sure the mites don't come back

Spider mites appear when conditions are hot and dry. If this is a regular issue for you, try adding humidity and air circulation to your plant's environment. These pesky critters essentially feed on your plants, draw out their nutrients needed to survive, and cause leaves to drop until the plant eventually dies. Luckily, they're easy to control if caught early!

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