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Holiday Decorating Tips... with Plants!

Planning to host friends and family for the holidays? Looking to make your space feel more festive? We’ve got you covered.

Put a holiday spin on your houseplants.

If you’ve got them, use them! Adding festive decor to your houseplants is a great way to spruce up your home’s interior for the holidays.

Try weaving garland around the base of your pots or use those classic Christmas lights you have lying around. For an added effect, decorate the pots themselves! Use bows, ribbon, or even your favorite patterned wrapping paper to accentuate your plant’s base. This is an easy way to establish a festive vibe without harming your plants.

To add a little holiday twinkle,  we suggest using fairy lights as regular Christmas lights may be heavy and harmful.

 Left photo by   David Tsay ,  right photo by   Arletta Sloan .

 Left photo by David Tsay, right photo by Arletta Sloan.

Play with color and scale.

Take risks and try something new! Play around with the arrangement of things you already have. Try clustering smaller plants together to draw more attention to them. Also, consider adding garlands for shine, pine cones for texture, single monstera leaves for height, and poinsettia clippings for a pop of color.

Left photo by   Léon & George ,  right photo by   @clareesparros .

Left photo by Léon & Georgeright photo by @clareesparros.

Spread some holiday cheer.

If the winter season doesn’t clue us in to bringing our plants indoors, we don’t know what would! Not only is it the season of festive foliage, but it’s also the season of giving. Give your family or friends a gift they can nurture, cherish, and benefit from for years. After all, houseplants are proven to provide cleaner air, reduce stress, and sharpen focus!

Ordering a plant from Léon & George can  save you from the hustle and bustle of holiday crowds.  Check out our selection of plants and we’re sure you can even find some easy-care plants for those “black-thumbs” on your shopping list!

Left photo by   Léon & George  , right photo by   Amanda Sims

Left photo by Léon & George, right photo by Amanda Sims

Once you've got your houseplants are all decked out, tag us on Instagram @leonandgeorge to share your holiday plant vibes. Have fun!