Boost Your Work Productivity With a Desk Plant

See why desk plants are said boost productivity at work.

Thinking of adding a plant to your desk?

The research is clear: plants are good for you. But they can also help increase productivity at work, according to researchers from Washington State University. The results found that productivity was increased by over 12% when plants were present during simple computer tasks.

Productivity increased 12 percent when people performed a simple task on a computer in a room with plants compared with workers who performed the same task in the same room without plants.

Business owner Kamal Meattle gave a TED talk about this very same effect, and how his employees became significantly more productive after he introduced plants in their workspace.

Your office may already have scattered plants throughout, but consider the benefits of caring for your very own desk plant — not only could it lead to more productive days, but it may even make you a happier employee: studies have shown that the mere act of watering an indoor plant can release feel-good chemicals in our brain. Who wouldn’t want that while at work?

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