Fall Plant Care: Five Tips to Successfully Transition Your Plants For Fall

Fall plant care tips

Fall is here and along with it are shorter days, cooler temperatures, and, in some cases, a whole lot less sun.

Though houseplants generally live indoors, they, too, note the changing of the seasons. Take note of these simple fall plant care tips and set your indoor greenery up for success.

Adjust your watering schedule (hint: water less frequently!)

Less light and cooler temperatures mean that your plant may not ned as much water as it did during the summer. Make sure to always check the soil before watering and, if necessary, give your indoor plant a few extra days in between waterings to dry out.

Make sure your plant is getting enough light

As the days get shorter and shorter, make sure your plant is getting enough light: plants that sometimes do well in one area of your home may not be as happy as they were before. Signs that your plant is not getting enough light may include pale or yellowing leaves, leggy branches, or leaning towards the light. If you suspect your plant needs more light, you may either decide to move it closer to a light source for the fall and winter, or rotate it every few weeks to ensure the entire plant gets enough sunlight.

Take a break from fertilizing

The best time to fertilize your plant is when it’s actively growing in the spring and summer. Many indoor plants grow much slower in the winter, which means it’s best to hold off on the fertilizer until the spring.

Up the humidity

Much like strong air conditioning can dry out our plants in the summer, heaters of all types can have the same effect on our plants in the fall and winter. To combat dry atmospheres, mist your plant here and there (daily is great, but once or twice a week works too!).

Beware of chilly windowpanes

Windows can become very cold in the winter — make sure your plant’s foliage is not touching or too close to icy windowpanes, as this can cause distress in your plant, leading to black leaves or shock.

Good luck, plant parent! And head back to our blog for more simple plant care tips for your indoor greenery.



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