The 3 Main Benefits of Plants


1. Air purification

In 1989 NASA conducted a research study on how to best clean the air inside its space station. It concluded that certain common houseplants – which we sell! – are extremely effective at removing toxins like benzene and formaldehyde from the air. And of course plants also convert carbon dioxide into oxygen as part of their photosynthesis process and are great for reducing the effects of sick building syndrome, which is basically the bad feeling you get when you’ve spent too much time indoors. Kamal Meattle gave an excellent TED talk on how he increased productivity at his company by introducing plants in his employee’s workspaces.

2. Increased happiness and well-being

Beyond the health effects of just breathing cleaner air, studies have proven that plants in indoor spaces are associated with “increased pleasantness, lower anxiety, and lower blood pressure.” They also help people heal, and it’s been shown that patients in hospitals recover faster and use fewer painkillers in rooms with live plants. Imagine that kind of effect in your everyday life!

3. Decor upgrade

Every interior decorator knows there’s nothing like plants to instantly boost the appeal of an indoor space, and no home is complete without a few leafy friends. Even if you take plants on their aesthetic value alone, they are very effective at making a place feel lively. Baasically, plants are an instant and easy way to upgrade a room and make an impact.

If you’re convinced and would like a little bit more nature in your life, try Léon & George. We have a great selection of easy-care plants and beautiful pots and deliver them right to your door in the Los Angeles & San Francisco areas.

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