Grow Your Own Luck!

Photo  Large Braided Money Tree  by Léon & George

Photo Large Braided Money Tree by Léon & George

Known to bear luck and prosperity, our Limited Edition Large Braided Money Tree could be the perfect addition to your home this Lunar New Year. Its unique leaf shape, elaborately braided trunk, and a must-have pot of gold make it extremely noteworthy this time of year. Best of all, it’s one of our most easy-care plants.

Diggin’ deeper.

Not familiar with Lunar New Year? Let’s shed some light on the basics:

  • This holiday is based on the lunar calendar (the cycles of the moon)

  • The moon is very powerful - it controls ocean tides, plant growth, and even human behavior, so Lunar New Year celebrations are meant to acknowledge these relationships

  • Festivities begin when the first new moon occurs (anywhere from end of January to mid-February) and they come to a close with the first full moon (15 days later)

  • A new moon signifies new beginnings/the opportunity to move forward with a clean slate - the full moon that follows (15 days later) signifies the completion of one complete moon cycle

  • During this time, feasts, fireworks, and a variety of special ceremonies/festivals are enjoyed

  • It's highly celebrated in Asia and many other parts of the world. It is seen as an opportunity to spend time with family and honor your ancestors

  • For 2018, the first new moon that will kick off the Lunar New Year occurs on Friday, February 16th

Depending on location and culture, celebrations can look vastly different as various traditions and beliefs are honored. What we do know for sure is that the lunar calendar is also often referred to as the agricultural calendar - how suiting? Plant people know what’s up ;)

Increasing your juju.

We all chase positive vibes, good karma, and success in our lives. Can all of this be achieved by acquiring a plant? Who knows! But, the Money Tree is the most popular plant used as a Feng Shui cure. If put in the money area of your home, it is said to increase good fortune and attract wealth energy!

We’ve learned by now that money doesn’t grow on trees, but if something this luscious and lovely could help you prosper even a little bit, why not give it a go? Standing at 4ft tall with canopy-like leaves, this Large Braided Money Tree can liven up any home or office.

Left photo by  Lifestyle Gist  right photo by  Balcony Garden Web

Left photo by Lifestyle Gist right photo by Balcony Garden Web

Caring for these greens.


  • The Money Tree likes bright light, but it’s best to keep it out of the direct sun

  • It can happily tolerate medium-brightness areas if needed, but may not grow as fast in this environment


  • The Money Tree is a tropical plant that loves humidity

  • Water once a week (or once the top two inches of the soil feels dry to the touch)

Left and right  Large Braided Money Tree  photo by Léon & George

Left and right Large Braided Money Tree photo by Léon & George

We are less than a week away from the commencement of the Lunar New Year, so why not kick it off with some new growth? Get (or gift) a Money Tree!

Best of luck ;)