Spring Sundays Pop-Up!

No season calls for change quite like spring, and along with it we’ve decided to open our doors to Bay Area residents who’d like to meet our plants in person… To put it simply, we’re open!


This spring, come visit Léon & George on Sundays from 12pm to 4pm and have a look around our urban greenhouse. Immerse yourself in a jungle of fiddle leaf figs, marvel at the beauty of our 6-feet-tall cacti, or just take a deep breath of that ultra-clean, earthy air. In addition to the plants seen on our website, we will also have plenty of in-person-only deals! Whether you’re in the market for some leafy greens or just enjoying a beautiful San Francisco Sunday in the Mission, all are welcome to drop by!

Mark it down in your calendar:

  • Sundays from 12pm-4pm @ 3465 Cesar Chavez St

  • Wide selection of plants and pots as seen on website

  • Limited edition pots available in person only

  • Special deals! Discounted prices on cosmetically challenged plants (also available in person only)

  • Take home immediately or opt for delivery to your front door

Stay tuned by RSVPing on Facebook. Hope to see you there!