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Art, Architecture, & Design: Charlotte Taylor's Reimagined Spaces
Images courtesy of  Charlotte Taylor .

Images courtesy of Charlotte Taylor.

Take a peek through Charlotte Taylor’s Instagram and you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of dreamy geometric buildings, playful interiors, and spaces that invite the eye to wander through them.

Combining her passion for architecture, design, and photography, London-Based artist Charlotte Taylor creates intriguing digital paintings of real and fictional spaces that, with each glance, leave us longing for more.

This month, shop a selection of her limited edition prints, exclusively at our San Francisco showroom and on our website.


Indoor plants, potted & delivered.

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Why Shopping Small Makes a Big Difference
August 2017, we moved into our first office.

August 2017, we moved into our first office.

Small Business Saturday is almost here! We're celebrating by doing what we love: spending time with our customers, our plants, and our team of plant stylists at the San Francisco showroom. (And in case you can't make it into the shop this weekend, we've got some online perks, too.)

What being a small business means to us

Small businesses are vital to our local economies. They're also great places to shop. For us, thriving as a small business is all about the connections we make with people. We'll go out of our way to meet new customers and answer questions. Our entire team is involved in our plant delivery process to make sure it's as seamless as possible, and we'll take the time to prepare you for life with your new plants before, during, and after your delivery.

Our commitment to Small Business Saturday starts with our approach to customer service—and our belief in helping people boost their plant care skills. We encourage purpose-driven purchasing over hitting any kind of sales quota. Simply put, we'd rather have our customers buy less and learn more about plants and the care they need. Our goal is to build a sustainable business for people and plants—one that ensures quality products and the best possible service for you: the conscious consumer.

As part of Small Business Saturday, we're celebrating everyone who makes our work possible: from our California-based plant suppliers to the designers who craft our custom planters to our partnerships right here in the Mission-Bernal neighborhood where we run our shop and greenhouse. We are fortunate to be part of this vibrant community, and we want to do everything we can to lift up other small businesses here who've supported us over the past two years as we've found our footing.

What shopping small means for you

When you shop at a local business, you're reinvesting in the community where you live, work, and spend your time. Not to mention, you're creating opportunities for people to find meaningful work; small businesses create two out of every three jobs today.

This weekend, we're partnering with local businesses to encourage everyone to #shopsmall by visiting local shops in the Valencia St. corridors. When you shop with us at the showroom, you get 1-1 personalized service to make sure you get just the right plant set to go with your space. We’re here to help you achieve the interior design look you've been dreaming about (AKA achieve #plantgoals).

As a token of our thanks to you, everyone who shops with us in-store or online this weekend gets a gift - a beautiful easy-care Tillandsia air plant. We know it’s not much, but it’s our way of being able to give back to you for choosing to support a budding business.

Read the founders' note on shopping small—and shopping smart—here.

Spring Sundays Pop-Up!

No season calls for change quite like spring, and along with it we’ve decided to open our doors to Bay Area residents who’d like to meet our plants in person… To put it simply, we’re open!


This spring, come visit Léon & George on Sundays from 12pm to 4pm and have a look around our urban greenhouse. Immerse yourself in a jungle of fiddle leaf figs, marvel at the beauty of our 6-feet-tall cacti, or just take a deep breath of that ultra-clean, earthy air. In addition to the plants seen on our website, we will also have plenty of in-person-only deals! Whether you’re in the market for some leafy greens or just enjoying a beautiful San Francisco Sunday in the Mission, all are welcome to drop by!

Mark it down in your calendar:

  • Sundays from 12pm-4pm @ 3465 Cesar Chavez St

  • Wide selection of plants and pots as seen on website

  • Limited edition pots available in person only

  • Special deals! Discounted prices on cosmetically challenged plants (also available in person only)

  • Take home immediately or opt for delivery to your front door

Stay tuned by RSVPing on Facebook. Hope to see you there!