Are You Starving Your Fiddle Leaf Fig?


A post by resident plant expert Claire Akin of the Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource.

How Often Should You Fertilize a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Fiddle leaf fig plants need fertilizer for proper growth because their leaves are large and dense. One common mistake people is neglecting to fertilize a fiddle leaf fig plant. This will result in slow growth and poor overall health for your plant.

Unlike plants growing outdoors in the wild, where nutrients are naturally being added to the soil and roots can search deeper for more nutrition, potted fiddle leaf figs depend on their potting soil for all nutrients. If you haven’t repotted your plant in over a year, chances are that your fiddle leaf fig is in desperate need of fertilizer.

How Should You Fertilize a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant?

You should fertilize your plant every time you water, except in the winter. During the winter months (the length varies depending on where you live), the plant will go dormant and rest. While it’s not actively growing, it will not have the need for additional nutrients.

If you live in a place with severe winters where the days get very short, fiddle leaf fig plants will stay dormant longer. However, in locations with mild winters, your plant may only stay dormant for a month or two before it resumes growth.

This indoor fiddle leaf fig plant in sunny San Diego, California only stopped new growth in November and started growing large healthy leaves again in early January! As soon as the days begin getting longer and you see signs of new growth, resume fertilizing your plant every time you water with diluted plant food.

Fiddle leaf fig plant with new growth in January.

Fiddle leaf fig plant with new growth in January.

What is the Best Fertilizer for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant?

The easiest and safest way to fertilize a fiddle leaf fig plant is by feeding with diluted liquid plant food each time you water your plant. Be sure to read the directions to avoid burning your plant with too much fertilizer.

Plant fertilizers have a specific N-P-K ratio, which tells you the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (chemical symbol K). The best NPK ratio for a fiddle leaf fig plant is 3-1-2. The nitrogen helps with new leaf growth and phosphorus encourages root growth.

You can purchase Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food, a special formulation designed to be used at every watering. Dilute 1 teaspoon of Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food in one cup of water and water your plant as you normally would.

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