Sun exposure and leaf burn

Photo by  @renoplantmom

Photo by @renoplantmom

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In most parts of the country, summer means one thing: More sun! While we're typically out playing in it, our plants are sometimes burning in it. With the sun being at its closest to earth during these next few months, be sure to take notice of how your plants are reacting. Here are a few tips:

  • Sunspots - Look out for white spots or dry brown splotches in random areas of a leaf. This is a clear indicator of sunburn. Sadly, the leaf won't repair itself but you can trim the areas or the entire leaf off.

  • Reposition - On extremely bright days, move your plants a few feet away from their normal sunny perches or draw the shades to give them a chance to recover and cool.

  • Humidity - direct light + dry air is a setting your plant up to burn. Add a humidifier or mist your plants regularly to protect their beautiful and delicate foliage from sunburn.



A lush and sculptural plant with elegant violin-shaped leaves.