The Easy Pothos


The latest in plant care tips for keeping your foliage happy and healthy, brought to you by premium plant delivery service Léon & George.

A fast grower that's easy to care for, the Pothos is known as the perfect plant for beginner green thumbs. Here are the most common characteristics that might cause new pothos parents worry. 

  • Yellow & brown leaves - finding the right light/water balance for pothos is as easy as it gets in the houseplant world. Yellow leaves = too much water, brown leaves = too little. Snip off any discolored leaves, adjust your watering amount, and your plant should make a full recovery.

  • Limping - if the vines are looking limp and less perky, your plant may not be retaining the water it needs. Soak the bottom of the plant in an inch of water, allowing it to drink through the holes in the bottom of its pot. Within 24-36 hours you should see the vines perk back up with life and fullness. 

  • Slow growth - while the pothos can sustain lower light areas, it won't grow as fast, and in some cases not at all, without proper light. If you're aiming for that sweet jungalow look with vines that can trail up to 10ft in length, keep your pothos in a room with bright indirect light. 

  • Varieties of Pothos - available in a range of colors and patterns, keep in mind that the variegated species with touches of yellow and cream grow slower and need more light than their fully green cousins. The green surfaces of the leaves are responsible for photosynthesis and if there's less green covering the leaf area, more sunlight is needed to keep your plant looking its best.



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