Our plant doctor’s most frequently asked questions, answered


The latest in plant care tips for keeping your foliage happy and healthy, brought to you by premium plant delivery service Léon & George.

Did you know that Léon & George plant purchases come with lifetime access to our virtual plant doctor service? Here are the top three questions our customers are asking, questions that may have been on your own list!

  • I have direct light, is that good? What does bright light mean? - Direct light is wonderful, but for indoor plants, only a few can handle the intensity from uncovered South or West facing windows (ex. Snake Plants, Bird of Paradise). Bright light for indoor plants is ideally a spot that is 1-3 feet away from a window. 

  • I should fertilize, right? What brand of fertilizer do you recommend? - Fertilizer is like a vitamin supplement for your plant babies, and should be measured carefully. Use during spring & summer to give your plants more energy for growing. We don't have a brand in particular that we recommend, but we do always dilute our fertilizers beyond what's prescribed on the label. 

  • My plant has minor brown spots/holes. Is that bad? - Typically, no! Plants are living organisms with natural imperfections, just like us. Each plant will grow in its own manner and not always have perfect leaves and vines. Minor brown spots and holes are natural - we like to think of them as freckles :) If you notice major browning or holes, then this could be a sign of needing to adjust your care. The first things to check are: watering habits, sun exposure, and bug infestation. 

Try making small adjustments when troubleshooting with plants, and monitor any changes over a few weeks before making other adjustments. Our plants are playing the long game, and sometimes take a while to adjust to new routines. 



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