Watering Tips and Tricks

Photo credit:  leonandgeorge.com

Photo credit: leonandgeorge.com

The latest in plant care tips for keeping your foliage happy and healthy, brought to you by premium plant delivery service Léon & George.

Watering your plants truly is a simple task, but here are a few quick tips to make elevate your routine to leave your plants happier, healthier, and better looking than ever.

  • Water around the edges of the pot since that's where the roots gather. This makes it easier for your plant to drink and get even saturation.

  • Room temperature water (about 68ºF) is optimum for nutrient absorption and doesn't give your plant the shock of being too hot or too cold.

  • Watering your plants in the morning allows them to stay hydrated during the day, a nice feeling during the summer!



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