Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Plants

Our favorite pet-friendly plants, including air-purifiers and low-light options! Photo credit:  @mintlodica

Our favorite pet-friendly plants, including air-purifiers and low-light options! Photo credit: @mintlodica

Looking for the perfect pet-friendly plant?

If you were worried that your furry friends would limit your indoor plant options, think again! Whether you’re looking for air-purifying plants that are safe for pets, or low-light greenery that will work for both pets and your light conditions, rest assured that there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

The Parlor Palm is a wonderful air-purifying pet-friendly plant.

The Parlor Palm

Most indoor palms are safe for pets, and the Parlor Palm (chamaedora elegans) is no exception. This plant is not only non-toxic, but it also is one of the best air-purifying plants out there! Looking for something bigger? Go for the majestic Kentia Palm — another pet-friendly, air-purifying indoor plant.

The Cast Iron Plant is the perfect pet-friendly plant for rooms with little to no light.

The Cast Iron Plant

The Cast Iron Plant (aspidistra elatior) is one of our favorite low-light, pet-friendly plants. Wondering where it gets its name? It isn’t called “cast iron” for nothing— this plant is nearly indestructible and can withstand just about anything, even curious, nibbling pets!

The Magenta Triostar is a pet-friendly plant with a lot of color.

The Magenta Triostar

Looking for something with a bit of color? The Magenta Triostar (stromanthe sanguinea triostar) has gorgeous green, white, and magenta colored leaves and is perfectly safe for pets.

The Calathea Medallion is a popular indoor plant that is safe for pets.

The Calathea Medallion

A cousin of the Magenta Triostar, the Calathea Medallion (as well as the Calathea Rattlesnake!) are also non-toxic and safe for pets to munch on. Beware, though, before choosing this plant: Calatheas require constant moisture and can be a bit more demanding than some other pet-friendly plants.


The Braided Money Tree

Considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity, the Braided Money Tree is a fantastic pet-friendly plant that comes in many different sizes. Whether it’s the perfect addition to a desktop or shelf, or a larger statement plant for the floor, rest assured that this plant is safe for your pets.


The Bird’s Nest Fern

The Bird’s Nest Fern is a popular non-toxic indoor plant. As far as ferns go, this plant is easy to care for and relatively forgiving of occasional neglect. And if you’re looking for something smaller? In the same family is the Staghorn Fern, also safe for pets.

Is your favorite plant not on this list? Consider how likely your pet will snack on your greenery — most common houseplants are considered just mildly toxic for pets, and would require a fair amount of ingestion to cause a serious health risk. If it’s just a bit of nibbling, there’s most likely nothing to worry about. Shop our full collection of pet-friendly plants here.



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