Bathroom Style: Simple Tips to Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Look

Plants for bathrooms

Does your bathroom need an upgrade?

Bathrooms are often low on the list of priorities when decorating our homes, but they shouldn’t be. Generally a clean, minimal (and small!) space, your bathroom is actually one of the easiest spaces to style. With just a few essentials, you can give your bathroom a fresh new look you’ll love.

Upgrade your shower curtain

Image courtesy of  Quiet Town .

Image courtesy of Quiet Town.

Show curtains can make or break a bathroom. Think of it as a tapestry that functions as the focal point of your bathroom: would you hang a boring or dingy piece of art in your living room or bedroom? Find a shower curtain that speaks to you, and you’ll find a little bit of joy every time you see it.

LG recommends: Quiet Town’s Marfa Collection.

Add a bit of green

Image by  Léon & George.

Many plants love the humid environment of bathrooms, and a bit of greenery always goes a long way. Trailing plants add a touch of life to any shelf, and palms an instant jungle feel.

LG recommends: The Cascading Pothos or the Parlor Palm.

Say goodbye to boring bathmats

Image courtesy of  Jonathan Adler.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adler.

Bathmats are a fun way to add a pop of color or a bit of personality to an otherwise sterile space. And guess what? They don’t have to be a geometric shape.

LG recommends: Reversible zebra print bath mat by Jonathan Adler.

Minimize with practical storage

Image courtesy of  The Little Market .

Image courtesy of The Little Market.

If your bathroom doesn’t have all the storage it needs, consider creative solutions like over-the-toilet shelves, corner shelves, or even a clean, simple crate to house all your toiletries. Not only will decluttering gain you loads of space, but it will also leave you with the impression that your bathroom is that much bigger.

LG recommends: The Little Market’s Color block sisal basket in white.

Invest in towels you’ll love

Image courtesy of  Weezie .

Image courtesy of Weezie.

Is there anything more wonderful than a luxurious bath towel? It’s a small pleasure almost anyone can appreciate, and what’s best about nice bath towels is that they will last for years and years to come.

LG recommends: Weezie bath towels.


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