Five Reasons Why A Potted Plant Makes The Best Wedding Gift

In search of a unique wedding gift?

Finding the perfect wedding gift is no simple task. You want something both parties will love, and something that is meaningful and will last. Why not give them the unique gift of a potted plant?

In the past, the idea of a potted plant as a wedding gift was a bit unrealistic. Sure, you could pick something beautiful out at the nursery, but then what? Would you need to store it in your home until the time came? How would you get it to them? Giving a plant as a wedding gift simply wasn’t practical.

Luckily for you (and the couple-to-be!), this is no longer the case. Ordering a premium plant and pot set for the newlyweds is as simple as ever, and will undoubtedly make for one of the most cherished wedding gifts they receive.

So, why should you give them a gift that grows? Read on to learn about why plants make the perfect unique wedding gift.

The best wedding gifts

They’re Green

And we don’t mean literally. Potted plants are great for the environment, they clean our air, and with just a little TLC, they will last a lifetime. And the icing on the cake? You plant a tree in the forest when you purchase their wedding gift.

They’re symbolic

Did you know the Braided Money Tree is a symbol of good luck and fortune? The Zanzibar Gem is also known as the “eternity plant”, perfect for wishing the new couple a lifetime of happiness. Or simply find a plant that reminds you of them and give it to them as a symbol of their love.

They’ll grow together

Speaking of symbolism, a plant will grow and mature over time, just like the newlywed couple. Give them a gift that grows, and let them grow together.

The best unique wedding gifts

They’re versatile

The great thing about plants is that they can adapt to so many spaces as the couple’s life together evolves and changes. What may be a gift for their living room may eventually move to an office, or a baby’s nursery.

They’re the perfect addition to any home

No matter their taste or style, a plant looks wonderful in any home. Not only does it enhance and elevate any space, but it also brings happiness and joy to anyone who sets eyes upon it. And the best part? Unlike other wedding gifts, this one will not end up in the back of the closet!

So what are you waiting for? Give them a timeless gift that grows.


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