The Best West Coast Wedding Gifts

Photos by Brad Knipstein, courtesy of  Batch .

Photos by Brad Knipstein, courtesy of Batch.

Looking for the perfect made-in-California wedding gift?

It’s peak wedding season and you still have a handful of happy couples to shop for. Sure, registries make it easy, but is it fun? This year, we decided to ask our friends at Batch for some wedding gift inspo from their summer West Coast Edit — made-in-California gifts that say “congrats” to the newlyweds in style. Curious? Read on for their top picks for the best of the west coast wedding gifts!

Luxuriously breathable sheets that both parties will love

Best wedding gifts California

Give the newlyweds the gift of restful sleep. Made from 100% organic bamboo lyocell, Ettitude sheets should be at the top of everyone’s list. The breathable fabric is ideal for couples. It will keep the cold sleeper warm and cozy while keeping your partner cool and comfortable. Oh, and did we mention since they are made from bamboo (no, not the same bamboo that panda’s eat) and are made in California, they are a great sustainable bedding option. 

An ultra-stylish diffuser for their home

Best California wedding gifts

Couples love receiving gifts for their home and a diffuser is just the ticket. Vitruvi is a popular choice due to it’s simple, modern design available in white and black stone colorways. It blends into every type of decor, and with a wide range of essential oils to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any option. 

A top-rated air-purifier for cleaner indoor air


If essential oils aren’t on the registry, fresh air certainly must be. The happy couple will be elated and their friends will be envious of this top-rated air purifier from Brondell. With a three-stage filter system, it will eliminate even the toughest pollutants in your home and even has a humidifier. Bonus points for style on this one!

A unique kitchen gadget for the couple that cooks

Best made-in-California wedding gifts

For the couple living in a small space, Hestan Cue is the answer. This smart cooking system is every novice chef’s dream. The bluetooth-enabled cooktop acts as an in-house sous-chef offering heat control and step-by-step instructions to amazing recipes through their app. Who needs a personal chef or cooking classes. This will truly impress the wedding party.

A statement plant, potted and delivered to their door

Best California made wedding gifts

Plants make great gifts for any occasion and weddings are no exception. Not only does a plant symbolize life, growth, and new beginnings, but it’s also something that looks beautiful in any home, no matter their style or decor. Léon & George, based in San Francisco, makes giving a potted plant super easy. Simply order online, and a gorgeous plant potted in a stylish ceramic will be delivered right to their door.

A gift that will honor the furry members in their family

Best California wedding gifts

And don’t forget about the pets! Many partners include their beloved dogs in their ceremonies, so what better way to say “I love you” than unique pet accessories. The San Francisco based company, The Foggy Dog, has everything one would need for a stylish canine to walk down the isle. Nothing says “I do!” like a well-accessorized pup.

Batch is an immersive shopping experience all about bringing you the best of digitally native brands to an in store setting. With a rotating theme every two months, Batch is sure to have something for everyone. The latest collection, West Coast, is bringing the best California-based companies and designers that will sure to wow during this wedding season. Here are Batch’s top picks:

Indoor plants, potted & delivered.

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