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Introducing the Scandinavian Ceramics Collection
Scandinavian ceramic design: now available with our plant & pot sets shipping nationwide!

Scandinavian ceramics have arrived.

What’s clean, airy, minimal… and cozy? Say hello to Scandinavian ceramic design, the newest collection of sleek modern planters for your indoor greenery.

What is Scandinavian design?

Scandinavian Design is a design movement that emerged in the 1950s and flourished throughout the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, & Norway) around the same time mid-century modern styles were taking hold in the United States.

It’s all in the details: Scandinavian ceramic design is all about form + function.

Marked by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality, Scandinavian design brings to mind bright, airy spaces, muted tones and textures, and natural elements like stone and wood. Other features include furniture pieces with simple and clean lines, the use of white negative space, and, inspired by a deep appreciation for nature, plenty of indoor greenery.

Scandinavian ceramic design for your indoor plants

Given Scandinavian design is so deeply inspired by natural beauty, it is no surprise that this style of ceramic so wonderfully complements indoor plants. Simple, clean lines and soft, neutral colors bring out the best in the foliage of our favorite houseplants, making bright tones pop and deeper shades glow. And when it comes to Scandinavian design, form never compromises function: 100% waterproof and complete with a deep overflow saucer, they are designed for optimal health of your indoor plants.

Shop our Scandinavian ceramic design with free shipping nationwide!

Available in white or gray, to pair with any plant from our collection of medium plant & pot sets. Order online for free nationwide shipping, and bring home a piece of Scandinavian design that will inspire tranquility, upgrade your style, and above all, last a lifetime.

Remember that all Léon & George plants come with care instructions, lifetime plant doctor support, and of course — a lot of love! Learn more about who we are, and order online today!

Large Indoor Plants: Now Shipping Nationwide!
Large indoor plants online: order online and we’ll deliver!

Large indoor plants online: it’s a thing!

You asked and we answered. A curated selection of our large indoor plants is now available to order online for delivery nationwide!

Gone are the days of lugging home cumbersome plants and heavy ceramic pots. Order online and get the full set — a beautiful (and clean!) indoor floor plant paired with a stylish designer ceramic of your choice — delivered straight to your door and ready to love.

Wondering which plants we’re launching with? Check out some of our best-sellers that can now ship nationwide:

fiddle-bush-coral-stand-nude-leather-chair (1).jpg

Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush

Our best-seller, a structural beauty with large violin-shaped leaves.

monstera-black-stand-cropped-1200px-v2 (1).jpg

Monstera Deliciosa

Stylish and unique, and straight out of the Art Deco era.

white-stand (1) (1).jpg

Cast Iron Plant

Low-light, low-maintenance, ultra-lush.

L-Snake-Coral (1).jpg

Snake Plant

An air-purifying plant that’s as easy to care for as it is to love.

L-ZZ-Coral-Stand (1).jpg

Zanzibar Gem

A gorgeous plant that’s perfect for beginners.

Remember that all Léon & George plants come with care instructions, lifetime plant doctor support, and of course — a lot of love! Learn more about who we are, and order online today!

A New Way to Shop for Plants
West Elm plants

Personal styling sessions at our San Francisco showroom: basically match-making, but with plants.

Do you consider your plants just as important as your living room furniture? Do you imagine still owning your plants years, maybe even decades, down the road? Have you maybe even thought of names for your future greenery?

If you said yes to any of the above, then we’re on the same page. At Léon & George, we take plants very, very personally, and that’s why we offer personal shopping sessions at our San Francisco showroom. We’re here to help you find beautiful plants that are the right fit for your style and space, period.

So what does a personal shopping session entail? When you shop with us, you’ll work with one of our plant stylists to select the perfect plants, ceramics, and accessories for your style and space. See, touch, and feel our products in real life and get a better understanding of scale (and which plants speak to you the most!). Alongside your stylist, you’ll choose the perfect greenery to complete your look.

Really beautiful greenery is a personal investment—in your style, your well-being, and your purchasing power: every plant you buy also helps plant a tree in a U.S. forest through our partnership with the National Forest Foundation. Book today and let us help you bring nature into your home!


Personal Shopping Sessions

A new way to shop for plants, at our San Francisco showroom.

Léon & George x Usual Wines: The Rosé Garden
The Rosé Garden is a temporary installation inside  Usual Wines’  new retail space on Chestnut Street.

The Rosé Garden is a temporary installation inside Usual Wines’ new retail space on Chestnut Street.

Is there anything better than a rose garden?

As it turns out, there is, and it’s San Francisco’s very first Rosé Garden, open now through Labor Day at Usual Wines’ new retail space in the Marina District.

The Usual Wines Rosé Garden San Francisco

An immersive experience to enjoy Usual’s premium, single-pour bottles of wine, it is without a doubt one of the freshest, most plant-forward wine bars in the city.

Curious? Head to The Usual to enjoy the perfect pairing: a glass of chilled, California rosé and a lush garden of indoor greenery (by yours truly, of course!).


Usual Wines Rosé Garden San Francisco

Get there:

The Usual

2076 Chestnut Street

Also, be sure to follow @leonandgeorge and @usualwines on Instagram to stay in the know about any upcoming events!

Who are Léon & George?
Nicolas and Ron, Léon and George co-founders

Nicolas and Ron, Léon and George co-founders

When we started the idea of doing a plant business we came up with a lot of different names. For three months every week we were coming up with something new - Plant Boys, Nice Jungle, Jungle Bits, Folium 365, FoliJoy, Bay Area Plants. One name that stuck around for a bit was Forestical, but then we realized it rhymed with testicle. We were starting to feel a little hopeless since we were almost ready to open the site and wanted to begin building a brand. 

Like most startups we got started in our homes, coding on the couch, and figuring out how to take product pictures in our small spaces. Ron has a cat, her name is Léon. She was named after the character in the movie Léon: The Professional. As we set up the plants and tried to take pictures, she'd walk coyly into the shots, brush her body and tail against the pots and circle around to be the center of attention. She’d come over to snuggle every now and then and ask to have her photo taken. 


I have a parrot, a Green Cheek Conure to be exact, and his name is George. He was named after the French singer-songwriter and poet Georges Brassens. The full spelling of my bird's name is officially Georges, with an s. Unlike Léon, George didn't ask to be in the pictures, but we included him. He's just so colorful and photogenic. One time we had a Kentia Palm that we were taking pictures of and all of a sudden George started flying around the tree in circles. The wind he was making with his wings moved the palms in a way that felt like being in a jungle. It truly felt like bringing nature indoors. 


As we continued those early days in our homes, we realized our pets were an integral part of keeping us inspired and helping us build the company. So we named the company after them. Léon the cat and George the bird, officially the cutest co-founders around. 


Léon and George facetime

Léon and George facetime

Behind the scenes at Léon & George: All about our ceramics

Finding the perfect ceramics for our plants was not easy.

We didn’t want something that just looked good. We wanted something that would last, too— high quality, durable, and stylish enough to stand the test of time. Furthermore, truly great design encompasses form and function, and believe it or not, many ceramic planters fail to meet the latter.

That’s why we decided to take things into our own hands, partnering with LBE Design to create something that met each and every one of our standards. After months of research and testing, enter Revival Ceramics, a timeless collection of handmade ceramic cylinders that we are proud to call our own.


A perfectly-designed pot = a happy and healthy plant.

We strive to set our plants (and customers!) up for success. We don’t want our plants to just look good— they need to feel good, too. That means our 100% waterproof planters are designed to fit most grow pots, allowing us to “stage” plants inside them and thus set them up for optimal health. The plant not only has sufficient room to breath in its grow pot, but it’s also raised up inside, reducing the risk of overwatering.

Inside their decorative mid-century ceramics, our plants live in their nursery pots, allowing for better control over moisture levels, optimal root health, and easy repotting (when the time comes!). Illustration by  Kailie Barnes

Inside their decorative mid-century ceramics, our plants live in their nursery pots, allowing for better control over moisture levels, optimal root health, and easy repotting (when the time comes!). Illustration by Kailie Barnes

A partnership with a purpose.

Building a socially and environmentally sustainable business is core to our values. It drives our choice to work with makers who care deeply about the materials they use and the people they employ. With LBE Design, we traveled the world to find the best partners in ceramics and wood working. We visited multiple factories, met with artisans and managers, and ultimately built relationships with the partners that aligned most with our desire for quality and opportunity for each and every employee. From the nurseries where our plants grow to the natural wood finish of each stand, our plant sets are truly made with love by mother nature and humankind. 

We're Not Running a Black Friday Sale This Year. Here's Why.

We're all about the work-life-plant balance. And this year, we're giving back to plant-friendly causes for the holidays (and giving our team a well-deserved break). Will you join us?

We're spending all of next week hanging out with our plants. (And we hope you do, too.) After discussing it as a team, we decided not to participate in any Black Friday sales this year, and we wanted to take a minute to share why.

Why we're sitting this one out:

We love a good sale. But we're uncomfortable with the idea of cutting corners to save the costs it would require to run a sitewide sale. As a small business, we can't always count on having overstock items. We really value each and every experience we have with our customers. And we are committed to building a socially conscious company that supports our staff and treats our suppliers fairly.

We're running our business sustainably and responsibly so that we can continue to offer you the best quality plants, ceramics, and customer support—and so that in a few years, if your houseplant gets a droopy leaf or a weird bug problem out of nowhere, we'll still be around to help.

When, and how, we discount our plants:

Unlike other products, plants can't sit on the shelf all year and then, poof! They're ready to go on sale for exactly one day. Instead, like us, they have good days and bad days. They thrive when they receive care and attention, and they struggle with too much alone time.

When we put a plant on sale, it's because there's something imperfect (but not unlovable!) about it, which is usually rare and always delightful. Think quirky variations in color or size and other cosmetic challenges. That's why you'll see Instagram flash sales and in-store promos pop up. When it's time, we'll tell you.

Although you won't be seeing any big discounts from us this holiday season, we do have a few ways you can make the most of your Léon & George purchases: Coming soon, we'll have chances for you to bundle and save with plant gift sets, to get early access to limited-edition plants, and to give back to worthy causes. Stay tuned for all that good stuff in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy some extra downtime with friends and family. And plants!

Still have questions? We'd love to hear from you!

You can always send us ideas, suggestions, and questions at:

Behind the Business: Shop Smart. Vote With Your Wallet.
IMG_7656 (1).JPG

Ron and I started Léon & George two years ago with the mission to bring nature to your home, but not only that. We were both fortunate to go to college and to have the means, the skills and the time to build Léon & George into what it is today. We are the first to acknowledge that we’re part of the top five percent most fortunate in the world. (More than four billion people in the world are living with less than five dollars a day.) And we should never take that for granted.

We’re constantly looking for ways to check our privilege, improve our business, and be clear and honest with our customers every step of the way.

Our responsibility

Even at our small scale, we try to make a difference. We establish long-term relationships with our plant growers, suppliers, and employees to build a sustainable ecosystem where work, quality, and service are justly rewarded.

Our prices are for most not accessible; many have complained that we overcharge for 'just a plant.' But do we? How come big-box retailers are selling their plants for so much cheaper?

Here's what happens when a grower works with those big-box retailers. They are required to put their plants on consignment, which means the grower pays a fee to rent shelf space for the plants and gets paid every 30 (and up to 90) days after a plant is sold.

So, while the customer pays right away, the grower is not compensated until much later; in the meantime, the big-box retailer can make a profit by reinvesting the money from that sale into financial products like stocks and bonds.

When it comes down to it, big box stores are less interested in the quality of individual items, like your future houseplant, and more interested in creating product pipelines for their own financial benefit. They manipulate timelines and rush suppliers to the point where they can sell plants at a discounted rate and still turn a profit.

But that’s not all. Have you ever noticed that the plants you see in those stores look sad? It’s because the grower has to come all the way to the store to take care of them. It’s part of a unilateral contract growers have to adopt, and they have no choice, even though most don’t have the capacity to send someone every week.

You can imagine that with all those constraints, the grower has to cut costs, which reduces the quality of service. The people that suffer the most from this are usually lower-skilled employees—the ones who did not have the chance to go to college, the means to create their own opportunities, or a family to help them build a brighter future.

Our point of difference: Everyone counts

At Léon & George, we pay our suppliers and growers within ten days; we pay our employees every two weeks. We train our staff to use technology, to understand the business, and we empower them to have a long-lasting contribution, while learning skills that they can apply to other industries or future business ventures of their own. Since we started Léon & George, two members of our team have gone on to start their own companies and are working with us as equal partners.

What if we could change the way people shop for the better? Help us spread opportunities for more people: Shop local, shop smarter, and put your money where you want to activate change. Giving is getting and giving is what makes humans happy.

Nicolas Bartoli
Co-Founder, Léon & George

The Not-So-Secret Life of Plants - Part II: Supernatural Plant Stories

On the brink of Halloween, a group of wild and curious plant lovers gathered at our urban greenhouse for an evening of storytelling and science. At part two of our new discussion series, we dove into the world of supernatural plant powers, how they communicate with each other, animals, and us.

Thank you to the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory for lending plants for our learning, and to Standard Wines for keeping our night classy.

The Not-So-Secret Life of Plants

A new educational series setting out to demystify the most illusive secrets of how plants live and love. Plants are living beings, just like us—and there's nothing secretive about them! They actually make their needs known in very overt ways. Spend an interactive evening in our urban greenhouse and we guarantee you'll learn something new. Space is limited so reserve your spot early!

Thursday, September 27, 7pm-8:15pm 

You might think your houseplant is just an inanimate object sitting in the corner… but it's truly living and breathing! At this series premiere, we’ll explore how plant behavior and survival mimics our own, and how we're not so different after all. Participate in a mini-propagation activity and take home a new plant baby of your own!

Thursday, October 25, 7pm-8:15pm 

Plants communicate with the world around them to accomplish some supernatural, superpowered stuff. Come hear the most outlandish plant stories—the good, the bad, and the spooky!

Thursday, November 15, 7pm-8:15pm 

Take care of your houseplants, and they'll return the favor. Your plants can help you breathe better, feel better, and live better. We'll explore the many reasons we're thankful for the way plants enrich our lives (and spruce up our style).

About our professor


A native of New York City, Emily Bick is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Davis. She received her bachelor's degree in entomology from Cornell University and her master's degree in entomology from UC Davis. She is a Board-Certified Entomologist, specializing in medical and plant entomology. Her work has focused on leveraging entomological knowledge to best benefit people, and developing practical solutions for invasion biology of urban forests. Emily holds a national Linnaean Games championship title and is delighted to list “published theater critic” to her resume.

More about Emily:

Exciting Things
IMG_20180627_160554 (1).jpg

Hi there,

Did you know that we're now shipping plant orders coast to coast? It was a big decision for our lean startup, but with encouragement from our mentors and customers asking around the country, we made the leap. Now you can order one of our premium plant sets for loved ones near and far. Our catalog changes weekly, so make sure to check back in every now and then.

We also expanded to Paris, France. That's right, we are officially international! Our team members have family roots in France, so it made sense bien sûr. Check out the Léon & George French e-boutique here.

Last but not least, we're opening two showroom locations — in San Francisco's Mission District and Los Angeles' Arts District. Both locations will be open for limited shopping hours starting in July, with VIP events and workshops coming soon.

There's so much to share about each of these exciting developments, and our hope is that they provide a simple yet valuable service in bringing more plants and people together. We'll be in touch again soon!

All the best,

Nicolas and Ron
Co-Founders, Léon & George