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The Best Plants for Your Bedroom
The best plants for your bedroom.

Looking for the perfect houseplant for your bedroom?

It’s simple. Bedrooms are meant to be peaceful sanctuaries where we go to rest and recharge, but unfortunately our environments are not always conducive to doing so. Not only do indoor plants have a long list of mental health benefits (such as reducing stress), but many also aide in cleaning the air and filtering out harmful toxins often produced by carpet, paint, and other invisible elements of our homes. When choosing plants for your bedroom, go for greenery that’s not only great at purifying your air but also something you will enjoy waking up to each day. Read on to find our picks for the best plants for your bedroom!

The Snake Plant

Voted by Nasa as one of the best air-purifying plants, the Snake Plant is an excellent choice for the bedroom for one main reason: it emits oxygen at nighttime, meaning a better and sounder sleep.

Pro Tip: There are many varieties of Snake Plants, but the yellow variegated type (Laurentii variety) wins in terms of air-purifying power.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Looking for a tall plant for your bedroom? It’s no wonder that this structural beauty is the current it plant: the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is a true head-turner that will bring life and color into any bedroom.

Pro Tip: This plant can be picky. Check our blog for a wealth of resources on how to take care of this beauty.


The Peace Lily

Is there anything more peaceful and calm-inducing than the Peace Lily? This plant makes an excellent low-maintenance bedroom plant that looks great on the floor, a shelf, or near a window.

Pro Tip: Read our full care guide for the Peace Lily.

The Parlor Palm

Palms in general are known for their air-purifing qualities, and the Parlor Palm is no exception. This adorable plant comes in a variety of sizes and will bring instant jungle vibes to your bedroom.

Pro Tip: If you have the space, take things to the next level with the Parlor Palm’s cousin, the extra large Kentia Palm.



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