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Plant Care Tip #49: Yellow Winter Leaves

The latest in plant care tips for keeping your foliage happy and healthy, brought to you by premium plant delivery service Léon & George.

We've officially entered that part in winter where the temperature and light conditions can change faster than we, and our plants, can wrap our heads around. For some, this might lead to an unsightly yellow leaf or two. Pamper your plant by removing these leaves and read on for a few simple and effective solutions.

Temperature - Most plants will have yellowing associated with air that is too cold. This may be hard to avoid in the middle of winter, but aim for keeping your plants at a temp that would be comfortable for you, somewhere between 65º-75ºF

Nutrition - We all love to fertilize our plants and watch them grow faster, but we have to slow down on the fertilizer in winter. Your plants have entered a stage of dormancy, and fertilizing them to wake up and grow will cause them to express their stress through yellow leaves. Wait until it's officially spring before breaking out the plant food again.

Moisture Stress - Under and overwatering can both cause yellow leaves. To see if either one of these are your problem, you‘ll have to get a little dirty and check that soil. Lift your plant out of its decorative pot to check the bottom. If soggy, leave out to dry completely. If dry to the bone, let the roots soak in water to re-learn to retain moisture. In both scenarios, adjust your watering amount or frequency.

Light - Yellow leaves is almost always a sign of your indoor plant not getting enough of that outdoor light. Try moving your plant closer to a window or artificial light source and observe any changes over the course of a couple of weeks. Make small moves at first to give your plant time to adjust - especially for those that are more sensitive like ficuses and ferns.