The Ultimate Guide to Watering Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Fiddle leaf fig watering guide

A post by resident plant expert Claire Akin of the Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource.

Watering your fiddle leaf fig plant can be overwhelming. You’ve probably heard that fiddle leaf figs are hard to grow or finicky, which in large part is due to their specific watering requirements. If you water your plant too much (which is pretty common), you will kill it. If you don’t water enough, it will suffer. What’s a plant owner to do?

How to Tell if Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant is Getting Too Much or Too Little Water

If you’re confused about whether your plant has been getting too much or too little water, there are some surefire ways to tell. Ask yourself the following questions about over watering:

  1. Do you water more than once a week? If so, you’re plant is probably overwatered.

  2. Is the soil wet to the touch one inch below the surface? Stick your finger in and find out. If so, overwatering is likely.

  3. Do your plant’s leaves have dark spots or edges? This could signify too much water.

  4. Are their flies or a musty smell in your plant’s soil? Too much water is the culprit.

Here are some ways to tell if you’ve been under watering your plant:

  1. Are the newest leaves smaller than the existing leaves? They may be lacking water or nutrients for growth.

  2. Is your plant dropping leaves? This can be caused by low humidity or thirst.

  3. Is the top inch of soil very dry? Your plant may be thirsty.

  4. Are the edges of your plant’s leaves brown? They may be dry.

If you’re not sure whether you’re over or under watering your plant after asking yourself these questions, you are probably overwatering. Plant owners who worry about their plants a lot tend to over water. If you’re reading this article, you obviously care about your plant, so you are more likely watering too much than too little.

How Often Should You Water Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant?

The good news is that there’s a foolproof way to water your plant just the right amount. Fiddle leaf fig plants only need to be watered once a week! Set a calendar reminder to water your plant no more than once a week. I prefer to water my plants on Friday.

Stick with your once a week schedule and your plant will get used to the conditions and really thrive. The best part about watering your plant once a week is that it will give you the confidence to know you’re not over or under watering your plant so you don’t have to second guess yourself or worry.

Of course, this schedule will only work if your plant has proper drainage. Make sure your plant is potted properly and drains completely after each watering. To check, insert a wooden skewer to the bottom of the pot and make sure it’s not wet before you water. If it’s wet a week after you watered last, you need to improve your drainage in a hurry.

How Much Should You Water Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant?

You don’t need to drench your plant to give it enough water. To keep things simple, water your plant the same amount each week. For plants that measure less than 2 feet from soil to the tallest leaves, water one cup each week. For plants that are greater than 2 feet tall, water with 2 cups of water each week. If your plant is between 3 and 6 feet tall, use 3 cups of water. More than 6 feet tall? Water with 4 cups of water each week or just until your container drains. Never let your plant sit in water and make sure your container fully drains each time you water.

Should You Feed Your Fiddle Leaf Fig?

During the growing season (spring and summer) your plant will be putting a lot of resources towards growing new branches and leaves. To support a healthy plant, it’s critical to provide proper nutrition. Use a diluted liquid fertilizer each time you water (every week) in the spring and summer and every other time you water in the fall. Do not fertilize in winter while your plant is dormant and not growing. Try a liquid house plant fertilizer or the Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food for best results.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food is specially formulated to provide the optimal nutrition for your plant and comes with instructions for how to properly feed your plant. Order your one year supply of Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food online today.

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