Our Favorite Indestructible Office Plants

The best easy-care plants for your office, including this adorable  Zanzibar Gem .

The best easy-care plants for your office, including this adorable Zanzibar Gem.

Looking for the perfect easy care office plants?

It’s no secret that working around plants is good for us. From cleaning our air to boosting our productivity, indoor greenery is much more than just a “nice to have” office perk.

But what happens when the office has limited to no sunlight, or when none of the team feels confident in keeping the office plants alive? Cue in easy care plants for the office, the ultimate indestructible beauties that even the blackest of thumbs can handle. Read on to learn about some of our favorite easy care office plants for your workspace!

Our favorite indestructible office plants.

The Cast Iron Plant

An indoor plant that thrives in dark, drafty corners, the Cast Iron Plant (aspidistra elatior) is one tough cookie, earning its name from the sheer resilience of its fronds. This plant simply requires a bit of water once a week, but otherwise and with minimal care will survive and thrive for many, many years to come.

Our favorite indestructible office plants.

The Snake Plant

One of the best air-purifiers out there, the Snake Plant (sansevieria laurentii) is a wonderfully indestructible office plant that can withstand weeks without watering and can also adapt to just about any light environment, from low-light to direct sun.

Our favorite indestructible office plants.

The Silver Evergreen

Looking for something that can survive in the absolute dark and also has unique, variegated foliage? The Silver Evergreen (aglaonema) is an easy care plant with beautiful multi-colored leaves.

The Pothos is a fabulous low-light plant for offices with little or no sun.

The Zanzibar Gem

For care-takers that often forget to water, the Zanzibar Gem (zamioculcas) is the perfect plant. This plant stores water in its roots, which means it can go over a month without any water. It can also survive in low light, though it will grow much faster in bright indirect light.

Our favorite indestructible office plants.

The Dracaena Lisa

Looking for a tall, easy-care plant for the office? The Dracaena Lisa is one of the easiest large plants to care for. This member of the Dragon Tree family is known for its resilience in the face of neglect and low light, and also does a wonderful job cleaning the air.

The Zanzibar Gem is a great low light plant perfect for offices with no sun.

The Cascading Pothos

If you’re looking for a fast-growing plant that will literally remind you when to water, the Cascading Pothos (epipremnum aureum) is your best bet. These plants need nothing more than water once every week or so, and will start to shrivel when they get extra thirsty. Worry not! Water this plant and watch it within hours spring back to life.

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