How Plants Improve Morale at the Workplace

How plants can improve morale at the workplace.

Did you know that plants can drastically improve morale at the workplace?

In recent years, countless studies have documented the many benefits of having indoor plants at work. Not only do they filter out toxins from the air, but they also increase our levels of productivity, creativity, and focus. To add to this long list of benefits, plants also can improve workplace morale. Wondering how? In a nutshell, they make us happier human beings. Read on to learn how to improve workplace morale with a bit of greenery.

They release feel-good chemicals in our brain

No one will argue that nature feels good: from a picnic in the park to a walk in the woods, humans crave contact with nature. But did you know indoor plants can help release feel-good chemicals in our brain like serotonin and dopamine? Bonus points for having them within close enough proximity to touch them.

They create a welcoming atmosphere

What do you imagine as a better experience: walking into a sterile office with little decoration and no plants, or walking into an office filled with light and lush greenery? Many employees would forgo major perks for an office environment that incorporates nature into its design, and it’s no wonder why. Given how much time we spend at work, making the space more welcoming with things like potted plants is one way to increase workplace morale.

Office plant installation for  Canopy  by  Léon & George .

Office plant installation for Canopy by Léon & George.

They reduce stress levels

Recent studies have shown that humans experience a physiological calming response by simply touching or gazing at indoor plants. In a sometimes stressful work environment, a bit of greenery is the perfect antidote to keep employees stress levels down and their morale up.

They boost concentration and productivity

Great workplace morale is a harmony of many different factors, but one notable element is the employees’ sense of productivity and accomplishment. Plants are said to improve productivity levels by up to 15% — no small feat for something that sits seemingly inanimate against the wall!

Apart from beautifying any space, it’s clear that plants have a positive impact in how we feel at work. Whether it’s a small desk plant to care for or an office centered around biophilic design, it won’t be long until we are all seeing a bit more greenery around our workplace!



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