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How to Propagate Pilea Peperomiodes AKA The Chinese Money Plant
How to propagate the Pilea or Chinese Money Plant with cuttings.

How to propagate the Pilea or Chinese Money Plant with cuttings.

Wondering how to propagate the Pilea to pass on to friends?

Propagation with cuttings is a simple way to multiply your plant, and the Pilea, also known as the Chinese Money Plant or the Friendship Plant, is the perfect candidate! In fact, it gets the nickname “Friendship Plant” because it was traditionally passed on from one friend to another via cuttings. As such, for a long time it was a hard plant to find on the shelves of local plant shops and nurseries. Luckily, that’s no longer the case, which makes it the perfect gift to send to a friend, or get for yourself and pass along cuttings!

How to propagate the Pilea

Step one: Locate small offsets, or baby Pileas, at the base of the plant. You will find these below the main stalk— if you’re plant doesn’t have any, hold off! They will sprout up soon.

Step two: Using a clean blade, cut an offset at the base or closest to the soil as possible.

Step three: Place the stem of the offset in a small glass or jar with water. Make sure only the stem or shoot is submerged — do not submerge any leaves as they will rot (you may need to remove some leaves).

Step four: Place in an area with bright, indirect light and wait. You may like to change the water every few days to keep it fresh. After a week or two, you should see roots begin to sprout.

Step five: Once the roots have grown to about an inch long, carefully place them in a small pot with fresh soil, gently pressing down on the soil once it’s potted. Keep the soil just moist to the touch for the first few weeks until the plant has taken root.

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Plant Care Tip #20: Propagating & Dividing
Snake Plant division, photo credit: L&G plant parent David D.

Snake Plant division, photo credit: L&G plant parent David D.

The latest in plant care tips for keeping your foliage happy and healthy, brought to you by premium plant delivery service Léon & George.

When you see new babies growing, experiment with dividing and growing yourself new houseplants! Different types of plants have different propagation methods, this weekend we’ll focus on a method called Division, applicable to Snake Plants, Zanzibar Gems, Magenta Triostars, Parlor Palms, Elephant’s Ears, Birds of Paradise and Peace Lilies.

  • Step 1: Find a pot that is proportionate to the size of your new plant, smaller than larger is best, and get some new soil.

  • Step 2: Remove the mother plant from the nursery pot and clear the soil from the roots.

  • Step 3: Identify where you would like to divide the plant and gently pull apart the roots or use a sharp knife.

  • Step 4: Plant your cutting deep enough into the new pot so that the roots can be covered and the top will be stable.

  • Step 5: Lightly water your new plant and place it in bright, but not direct light.

Voila! Now you have a new plant! Don’t forget to nicely plant the mother back in her home and enjoy as mother nature takes its course.

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